Family History Scrapbook

In my post Plans for Family History, I touched briefly on my goals of presenting my family history research in a 'kid' friendly format. I recently created a 33-page heritage scrapbook with Penny as the focal point. I created a photo family tree, a timeline, and descendant pages. I then included pages on her parents and four grandparents. Then I included things about her life: birth, youth, sisterhood, twirling, high school photos, wedding, and married life.

I hope to share some more pages from the album. I'm really impressed with the turnout. I will note that I decided to print this out as the 'standard' 12x12 scrapbook size. I'll admit that it's cool that the book is so large. But, that's the problem. The book is so large. I can't find a good place to store it. It's a bit awkward to handle. I may someday try the 'new standard' of 8x8. However, I've been doing scrapbooking at the 8.5x11 size for many years and I'm most comfortable with that size. We'll see.

I used Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 to create my customized pages. I know there are many heritage album places (or scrapbook album) available for the novice scrapbooker. I don't like the rigidity of these services. I also don't like how they do not enough space for content. And a heritage album needs content!

Anyway, stay tuned for future postings from Penny's album.

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  1. I have been looking into Heritage Books and love the idea. I am not a scrapbook person but would love to learn how to do this on the computer to make a book. Do you have any suggestions as to what program to use and how did you print a 12x12?

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