Tech Tuesday: Ohio Postcard Collection

My Geiszler and Brown family lines have been located in Ohio for at least 100 years. I came across this website Ohio Postcard Collection where you can see images from all across the state of Ohio. I love how the website has sorted the pictures by collection. The only thing missing is the approximate date the postcards were created or that the images depict. That would help me put everything into perspective a little better. Perhaps I’m missing the dates that are there. Nevertheless, I look forward to sharing this website with my mother, who was raised in Ohio, and seeing what memories she has of the various sites of her hometown.

So, I’ve been hoping to figure out what to do next after my survey of available research on I suppose this gem was at least one answer to my query.

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3 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday: Ohio Postcard Collection

  1. You both are very welcome. Many of my ancestors are from Ohio. I would love to spend more time in the state trying to solve some mysteries, visiting cemeteries, and digging through relative's 'clutter' for hidden treasures. I'm looking forward to using the Post Card link to trigger my mother's memories of Ohio.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this link. Ohio's my state for at least half my ancestors. And now that I've looked at it I'm wondering how I missed it, since CML is my home library!

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