Amanuensis Monday - Transcription Needed

My dear mothers gave me a lot of records when I took over as the research 'guru' of the family. I'll admit that I probably should have asked a lot more questions regarding her research. Nevertheless, I didn't and know I'm stumped.

I have this little nugget stapled to a piece of paper. I have no idea what it says. I could be written in German, yet many words look English. There appears to be a date as well of perhaps 22 July 1833.

Anyway, I'm posting this in hopes that someone could help me figure out what it says and perhaps what it might mean.

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  1. I can't read German, but I have sung in German, so I recognize that the last letter in the second line and in the middle of a word on the third to last line (which looks like a capital "B") is pronounced as "ss". Also, nouns in German are capitalized. You can find basic information about the German alphabet at Wikipedia (most letters are the same as in English), then try guessing the letters you see and entering them in Google Translate. Good luck!

  2. So far several dear friends have passed this item on to their German reading/speaking friends. The conclusion thus far is that this was written in an older Germanic language. Those who speak the more modern language don't understand it. So... the saga continues. I truly hope this isn't a still item. I hope there is value in it.

  3. UPDATE: I received an email with the following transcription:

    “Zum Andenken von deiner dich gewiß liebenden Freundin Katharina Ellenberger von Rüßingen 22ten Juli 1833

    The translation is:
    In memory of your you certainly loving girlfriend Catherine Ellenberger Rüssingen 22nd of July 1833

    Thank you so much! I have NO idea what this goes with. Oh the puzzle pieces we have


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