Top Five Thus Far

I just wanted to thank everyone who visits my blog. I often check to see if anyone comments and find they might be fewer than I hoped. I love connecting with people but I have learned that I should measure my efforts by the comments that may or may not have been posted.

It's been fun to see which posts have had the most traffic:

So... my most popular posts have a trend. Tech Tuesday! And perhaps, that's where my trend is right now. Sharing what I've learned as well as asking questions in hopes that I can learn more.

Whenever I feel like I'm not reaching anyone with this blog, I like to review my page views and see where people are going. Thank you for visiting my little piece of cyberspace and I hope you'll come back often!


  1. One of the problems that there are so few comments, I think, is because of the Blog Reader. I read the blogs but very seldom do I actually come to the Blog site to post a comment. Not sure why, even when I think I would like to make a comment, the next blog comes up and I am reading that one, then the next one, etc. So I think more are reading via the Blog Reader and not actually going to the Blog pages. ~laughs!~ Not sure how to correct that! Just wanted you to know, that I am reading, just not commenting. ~smiles~

  2. Asking questions usually garners comments on my blog. I've also found that I get the most comments on the blog posts where I least expect them.

    Just have fun writing your genealogy blog. I enjoy reading it.


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