Thankful Thursday - Friends Willing to Find a Transcription

In a recent post, I was seeking for help translating a scrap of German. I really couldn't understand the writing enough to know what to insert into the Google translator, per Elizabeth's recommendation. It was a great lead though.

The next step in my query was to see if any of my 100+ friends on Facebook knew German or someone who knew German. Having several friends who served foreign language missions, it was worth a shot. So, I posted the link in my Facebook account and two dear friends Lisa and Chad offered to help. They didn't personally know German but knew people who knew German.

Both forward my query on to their friends. Both friends returned with a reply that the language was on older German dialect that they were unable to read. However, Chad's friend said his father was familiar with the language. Chad sent my query on to him and I received the following message.

Here is the German translation first:

"Zum Andenken von deiner dich gewiss liebenden Freundin Katharina Ellenberger von Kuessingen 22. Juli 1833"

In English it would be something like:

"In memory of your surely always loving friend Kathatrina Ellenberger from Kuessingen 22 July 1833"

Hope this helps your friend.



Well Tobias, it does help. Know I know what this scrap of paper means per the translation. Unfortunately, this is a new name to me. I don't know where this scrap was found. However, Katharina Ellenberger is a devoted friend to someone in one of my family trees.

Even though this nugget has more questions than answers, I'm very grateful for friends willing to help me find the answer to the translation of a scrap German piece of paper. (I also learned how very important it is to document where every scrap comes from, but that's another thing all together).

So today I'm thankful for Lisa and Chad, their friends who know German, and Tobias.

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  1. Thank you for the mention! Just thought I'd mention that it's for my other blog at A Jewish Genealogy Journey that I've had to use Google Translate to help with some Hungarian.


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