Thankful Thursday…. Dague Brick Wall Crumbles Down

Whew!!! I can’t say how excited I am. Let’s just say I should probably video tape this happy dance. Here’s how it all started.

My ancestor Leon Philip Smith was a bugger to figure out because his posterity only knew him as Philip Smith. Once I figured out he was LEON Philip Smith, I was able to connect him into a line that has had work done for generations before this one. His wife was only known as Katherine for the longest time. Philip was buried with his second wife Mary Smith in the Green Lawn Cemetery. But where was Katherine buried?

I forgot the step that led me to realize that Katherine’s name was Catherine Dague. But, I figured it out. In any case, when I found Leon’s parents buried in Smith Cemetery (aka Union Cemetery), a Catherine Smith wife of Philip Smith was buried on their plot!

Kenneth Gilbert’s photo for the
Find-A-Grave listing of Catherine Smith

Okay, so I have confirmed (documentation not listed in this narrative confirms) my connection of Philip to his first wife and his parents. So… what to do about Catherine’s family?

We’re told many times to review the records of our ancestors, again and again, to see if there are any new clues. BEST ADVICE EVER! So, I reviewed the marriage records for Philip and Catherine and found something amazing! Catherine was not of legal age and needed to have a parental consent. The parental consent was an Andrew Dague.

One day I was playing around with Find-A-Grave and came across an Andrew Dague who looked promising. I fired off an email to the person who created the listing. Judy Llamas, praise her name, wrote the following…

You may be able to connect if you find the Dague family history book by Carrie M. Dague, 1938.

So, I proceeded to search for this book. (Mind you, I should be practicing a speech I’m giving later this weekend, but I digress). In any case, I did a Google search for the book and found a full copy of the book at the Internet Archive. Whoever scanned this book and posted it, can I give you a big virtual hug? Seriously? I never thought the Brick Wall of Catherine Dague would burst…

Dague Family History and Genealogy, by Carrie Dague, page 180

I knew Catherine’s birthday was Feb 11, 1832, and her father’s name was Andrew. I confirmed that Andrew lived in Ohio and I’m certain I have my person. The next thing that I checked with the list in this book from his will.

Dague Family History and Genealogy, by Carrie Dague, page 180-181

The fact that Catherine Dague became Catherine Smith almost had me seal the deal and say we’re done here. BUT, I noticed a descendant chart for each of Andrew’s children. Would it list Catherine and name her husband as Philip?

Dague Family History and Genealogy, by Carrie Dague, page 183

YES! It did. Every date in this entry is a date I’ve found of my own accord and documented. This is my great+ grandmother Catherine Dague Smith.

Thank you, Judy Llamas, for giving me the clues I needed to find the book Dague Family History and Genealogy, by Carrie Dague, published in 1938. Thank you, Carrie Dague, for your research. I now have a family tree line that goes into the 1700s!!!!!

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