Franklin County Ohio Natrualization Records

Another record of interest to me, that's not fully available online, is naturalization records. I'll admit that I seriously need to learn more about the process but I figured to take my first step.

In looking at my immigrants who became naturalized, the majority of them arrived in Franklin County, Ohio between the years of 1850-1860. With that in mind, I ordered the Declarations of intention 1850-1855 and the Declarations ofintention 1855-1860.

When the films came in, I set off to investigate the following persons. I actually had some notations as to when I suspected they were in Franklin County based on Census records and life events.

NameLife Span
Joseph Geiszler1836-1863
Caroline Mack1838-1904
Heinrich Mack1811-1868
Heinrich Ludwig Mack1842-1910
Karl Friedirch Puesecker1808-1886
Johanna Macke (Puesecker)1810-1856
Karl 'Charles' Puesecker1835-1915
Wilhelm Pusecker1838-?
Ludwig Puescker1844-1905
Conrad Grener1822-1899
Christian Christopher Hoppe1818-1881
Anna Margareta Karlsberger1824-1911
George Paul Karlsberger1825-1912
Heinrich Schneider1830-?

Upon viewing the first film (years 1850-1855), I noticed that there were no female names. As I posted before, I wonder why that is so. In any case, my list of fourteen suddenly became eleven.
Declaration for Henry Mack dated 1 Oct 1856
Declaration of Intention 1850-1855
; Ohio. Court of Common Pleas (Franklin County)
Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1962, 1980, 1992

After viewing the second film, I was once again frustrated by what was supposed to be on the film but was not. The final film said it was for the years 1855-1860. They stopped in 1856! Ugh. So many of my individuals come between 1856 and 1860!

In researching this record, I came across only one name that I was looking for (Henry Mack). I found one collateral line name (Strungenburg) on the first film but the rest were on the second film.The individuals I did find are listed as follows:

CharlesStrungenburg7 Nov 1852Hanover
JacobFladt10 Feb 1855Baden
AdamSchimpf14 Feb 1855Hessen Darnistadt
WilliamGessner9 Apr 1855Prussia
GeorgeGessler5 Aug 1855Baden
WilliamWebb11 Apr 1856England
CharlesBoesecker9 Aug 1856Hannover
HenryMack1 Oct 1856Hannover
MichaelGeisler11 Oct 1856Bavaria

So the next step? Well, that's what I have to figure out. There are not a lot of records available through FamilySearch for the 1850-1860 time period in Franklin County, Ohio. So I could use some suggestions. And for those missing years of 1856-1860, what gives?

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