Franklin County Probate Records

After attending a Family History Symposium in my area, I learned that I might need to investigate probate records. The instructor further recommend that when I contact the County Court House that I ask for probate records on a particular person rather than their wills. If a person had a no will in the probate records, the court house will not give you any information though they may have something of interest to you. If you ask for the probate on said individual, you'll not only receive a will (if there was one) but further records for your research.

With that in mind, I did not order the Franklin County, Ohio, 1803-1865 will index or the Will records, 1805-1918 ; Index, 1805-1905 that are available through the catalog. Instead I ordered Indexto probate records, v. 1-2, 1805-1932.

I had the following individuals to search.
Index to Probate 1805-1932
Name Dates Found in Index
Joseph Geiszler1836-1863no
Conrad Grener1822-1899no
Conrad Grener1853-1905 no
Henry Joseph Geiszler1859-1931no
Maggie Hoppe Geiszler1861-1921yes
Charles Gordon1801-1873no
Jane Fickle Gordon1803-1865no
Margaret Rebb Gabel1839-1911yes
William Talbot Peak1868-1931no
Agnes Anderson1884-1920no
Samuel Curtis Brown1821-1900no
Martha Gorden Brown1827-1901no
James Brown1795-1859no
Michael Billman1832-1884no
Caroline (nee Mack) Billman1838-1904no
Christian Christopher Hoppe1818-1881no
Heinrich Mack1811-1868no
Heinrich Ludwig Mack1842-1910no
Anna Margareta Karlsberger1824-1911no
George Paul Karlsberger1825-1912no
William Lester Long1849-1925yes
Sarah Angeline Marvin Long1855-1931not in index
Karl Friedirch Puesecker1808-1886yes
Johanna Macke (married Puesecker)1810-1856no
Karl 'Charles' Puesecker1835-1915yes
Ludwig Puescker1844-1905no
Samuel J RossDied bef 1896?no
Annie M Hoppe Ross1869-1896no
Heinrich Schneider1830-?maybe?
Andrew Nelson Smith1855-1933not in index
Emma Ward Smith1866-1893no
Leon Philip Smith1834-1916no
Katherine Dague Smith1832-1859no
Mary ? Smith1834-1889no
Orlando Smith1865-1928not in index
Clara Gabel Smith1869-1927not in index
David Smith1795-1863maybe?
Elizabeth Browning smith1792-1879no
Mary Claybaugh Townsend1846-1916no
William J Townsend1842-?no
William Webb1816-1905no
Georgina Stares Webb1840=?no

As you can see, I have 42 names on this list. If you're going to be ordering films through the Family History Center in Salt Lake City and going to set aside time to go through microfilm reels at the film reader nearest you, you had best have a sizable list of names to research. That's just my opinion.


In researching this record, I came across five names out of 42 names. The 'not in index' notes are frustrating to me. The film I ordered specifically mentioned that it was through the year 1931. Well the records stopped in 1926. Ugh! Where are the other 6 years?

Before I forget, one thing I noticed was that it was far easier to have the names on my list ordered alphabetically by surname than any other way. Just a tip.While I only found five names in the list, I recognized two other names on my family tree. After checking with my family tree on my laptop, I decided to add these names to my future research. Here's the list:

I found another name that seems like I should definitely investigate it. I feel it might have a lead in it.
Mary ElizabethKarlsberger1903

Finally, as I was reviewing the records, I felt the need to add a few 'not on my list' names. The majority of these individuals have some variation of the name Geiszler. It's not the most common name around, so I figured a small goose chase might be worth while. I also figured, if I'm already digging around in probate records, it wouldn't hurt to throw in a few random ideas. Who knows what it will turn up.

Christina or ChristianGeisler1884
John JacobGei*le1887
Henry CMa*ck1854

So the next step? Well, that's what I have to figure out. I need to go back to to see if I can order probate records. If not, I need to discover the process for obtaining probate records. I have my top seven as my priority list if things get a little pricey. If things aren't to bad, I can investigate the goose chases.

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