Journey to the Past: Green Lawn Cemetery Section 30 and Section S

Section 30

After three sections, I was feeling a sense of accomplishment. Thus far, I'd found everyone I'd searched for. I only needed to go into the office to figure out one section map. It was time to move on to Section 30. 

I went looking for the son of my great grand-aunt Ida Loa Brown AKISON. Her son Leslie Cushman AKISON (1883 – 1948) was buried in this section and I had hoped that perhaps he was buried near additional family members and I would get more clues into this aunt's family. I did my best to read the map, but I wasn't confident I knew which plot to look at. I searched and searched the section and decided I now had two sections to ask about in the office. Bummer.

Section S

Moving on to Section S, I was looking for Elsie Gerlacher Baumgartner. I'm starting to get far removed from my family line. However, this is the sister to Uncle William Richard Peak's wife Clara. Their stones weren't on so I figured, it wouldn't hurt to snap a few pictures while I was there. If Clara Gerlacher Peak appeared in anyone's family history, then surely her sister and parent's would be of interest to that researcher. So I guess this was a voluntary search, though I knew more about this family than the volunteer photos I had already taken. 

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Section S mapMap oriented to North rather than the page text

The map of Section S had a list of names and their location in the section. These were larger monuments or markers. This helped to quickly orient me to this section, unlike the map of Section 30. I was quickly able to find Elsie BAUMGARTNER (1901-1968).

Elsie Baumgartner 1901 - 1968
Green Lawn Cemetery, Section S
Find A Grave Memorial #68486967

There were a larger obelisk and several Baumgartner markers in this plot. After taking pictures in this section and additional photos, I came across more Baumgartners. With so many Baumgartners buried together, hopefully a descendant will enjoy my photos. I'll have to post it in a later post, but I made one of my first photo bloopers that I didn't catch until I got home to Iowa! Ugh.... When I left this section, I had 23 more photos, for a total of 123 useable photos.

This is another installment in a lengthy multi-series post about the fantastic research trip I took to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. If you're just joining the this series, you'll be able to see every post under the label Research Trip.

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