Journey to the Past: Green Lawn Section 93


As it was close to noon with the temperatures in the high 80s, I needed a break and I needed some answers, so I headed into Green Lawn Cemetery office. I was greeted by Diane Gailbraith. I showed her the maps of the people I was seeking but could NOT read the numbers for anything. She quickly helped me read Section 93's map and I would be headed there soon. She looked up reference monuments for me which was VERY helpful. 

Then I showed her section 30, P, and L. She confirmed where Leslie Akison, Charles Gordon, and William Webb (in respective sections) were buried. She helped me get a few reference points for these sections. I felt confident that I could find Leslie and Charles but I was confused about William. The front desk assistant obtained reference points for me and I headed off again.

Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Map of Section 93 (oriented for North)
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This section is LARGE. Having the large monument reference points was immensely efficient in locating the numerous stones I was seeking in this section. The first name I sought was Elmer Orestus RANCK (1871-1937). He is the son of my great-great aunt Elizabeth Jane Brown RANCK (1850-1900). Elmer and his wife were easy to locate after I found the Wetzel monument. I thought the marker was beautiful and unique. I wish I had spent more time taking a nice photograph of this stone. In any case, I snapped a few additional photos and moved on. 

Elmer O and Marie K Ranck, Section 93
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Find A Grave Memorial #46154776
Next I sought out and found a FindAGrave photo request for Charles MORROW (1905-1905). I only selected FindAGrave photo requests for sections I knew I was going to visit. If the request included no section information, I completely ignored it. I figured that bit of information should be the requesting person's responsibility. In Green Lawn Cemetery's case, they'll tell you the lot and section number for free (that's what I learned after visiting the office with my questions). They just won't give you any additional information without a fee. So, if you have persons buried in Green Lawn and wish to have someone take photos of their stones, be sure to include their lot location.

On the other side of section 93, I had to be a little more considerate. A funeral was starting a few sections over. I could see it, but I was mostly blocked in my position. Nevertheless, I worked quickly, quietly, and hopefully with great courtesy. On the other side of section 93, I found a LARGE monument for John KARLSBERGER (1859-1942) and his wife Emma DANNER (1833-1903). John is the son of my 3rd great-grand uncle George P Karlsberger. His sister married into the Hoppe family and produced my 2nd great-grandmother Maggie. So, Maggie and John were cousins. I was SO EXCITED to find a 'Hoppe' relative's stone. Okay, so John's not really a Hoppe but his aunt is. After finding John, I snapped a few more photos and moved on. 

Emma and John Karlsberger, Section 93
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Find A Grave Memorial #91590264

I did have a lot of names in Section 93. This time I was looking for Willliam Talbot PEAK (1868-1931). Here's where I wish I had a lot more water and my computer handy. I found the stone easily enough. However, I was SO HOT, so thirsty, and worried I was bothering the funeral though it was a few sections away. My paternal 2nd great-grandfather William is buried on his second wife Cora's plot. I was in a hurry and failed to take photos of stones around William Talbot and moved on to his son William Richard PEAK a few rows away. I had WANTED Cora's photos too, if they existed. UGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! If I had taken just a moment or two to go around the marker, I would have picked up the additional photos I wanted. Oh well, time to send in a Photo Request, with lot number. 

William T Peak, 1868 - 1931
Section 93
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Find A Grave Memorial #68252059

Like I said, I quickly moved over to William Richard PEAK (1895 – 1969). William Richard would be the brother of Evaline Townley Peak Geiszler who I photographed on Sunday at my first stop. His wife Clara GERLACHER is related to the Gerlacher's that I had photographed earlier in the day. I love how this is coming full circle. AND I also found William's mother, Evaline Townley PEAK (1859-1939). Evaline Peak is buried next to her son rather than her husband William Talbot Peak because that couple divorced about 1924. Then William T married Cora ROGERS, who he is supposed to be buried next to. 

William R Peak 1895 - 1969
Section 93
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Find A Grave Memorial #

Evaline T Peak 1859 - 1939
Section 93
Green Lawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio
Find A Grave Memorial #68252220

Do you think my 2nd Great-Grandmother was playing a part in having me forget to take additional pictures around her ex-husband's stone? It would be funny if it were true, but I think I had a momentary relapse. In any case, I felt a HUGE sense of accomplishemnt in section 93. I had found all the relatives I sought. I completed a FindAGrave request, and I had taken a total of 73 photos in this section (including my relatives). The grand total is now 275 useable photos.

This is another installment in a lengthy multi-series post about the fantastic research trip I took to Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. If you're just joining the this series, you'll be able to see every post under the label Research Trip.


  1. This has been fun to follow your search for family gravestones. I can't believe you have so many to find in just one cemetery. One of these years, I've got to get to Pittsburgh (or Brooklyn, or Chicago, or Calais, Maine) and look at and take my own pictures of ancestors' gravestones. Looking forward to the next installment!

  2. Elizabeth... oh you're too kind. I'm so glad you're enjoying the postings. FYI... they run until August. I know, I'm very verbose. But I had such an AMAZING journey I wanted to record every detail.

    One of the reasons I took the trip was because Green Lawn Cemetery had so many relatives in one cemetery. I've made a few trips previously because both sets of grandparents were buried there, but I never realized just how many relatives were buried there. It's amazing.


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