Tombstone Tuesday: What I did to take myself out of a grave marker

Take Myself Out of Reflective Stone

When I was taking photos of gravestones, I took a lot of photos. I didn't have a great system for checking the photos on my camera while at a cemetery. (Okay, so I was a bit lazy). When I sat down with my computer to review some photos, I found myself in the monument.

Now as cool as it is to have a photo of myself discovering my new passion, I don't think the O'Gorman family really wants to see me reflecting back at them. And I'll admit that if I had checked this photo on my camera before moving on to the next one, I wouldn't have to use any post shoot processes. But, if you have any photos with yourself in the photo, then a little time in a photo editor will work wonders.

I used Corel Paint Shop Pro, but you can . I used a combination of the clone tool and their touch up tool to take me out of the gravestone. I could write a post about step by steps how to, but quiet honestly, just play with the tools until have the look you seek. Some stones are easier to work with than others. But take a look at my improved photo.

PhotoShop out of a gravestone

 Here's another mistake. I think the post work is a little better than the O'Gorman marker, but again, you just have to play around.

Gravestone Bloopers
Original Photo
Fixing Gravestone Bloopers

 So, if you have a photo with you in the grave marker and are a little creeped out by that, or what a photo without your distracting the viewer, then you can work some photo editing magic.

Happy Blooper Fixing!!!

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