Cousin Bait: Oscar Ward and Jeanette or Genette

I'm looking for information on Oscar Ward and Jeanette or Genette as well as their children. My genealogical connection is to their daughter Emmeline "Emma" Ward, who is my second great-grandmother.

Emma married Andrew Nelson Smith in  Tuscola, Michigan and they moved to Ohio. I have information about Emma's marriage and death. I do not have information about her parents and brother besides what I've found in the US Census records. I would like to learn more about my third great-grandparents and their son.

Here's what I know:

Oscar Ward
born about 1836 in New York
residence in 1850 East Genesee, Genesee, Michigan
residence in 1860 Thetford, Genesee, Michigan
residence in 1870 Thetford, Genesee, Michigan

married after 1860 Possibly in Michigan

Jeanette (or Genette)
born about 1840 in Michigan
residence in 1870 Thetford, Genesee, Michigan

Oscar and Janette Ward had the following children:

Emma Ward (20 Aug 1866 - 8 Mar 1893)

George H Ward (abt 1870 - )

Again, these folks are my 3rd great grandparents and an uncle. I'm would love to know more about their history, and potentially find photos. Perhaps someone will be searching for Andrew Nelson Smith or the Ward ancestors and land on this blog. Perhaps the distant relative will be inspired to connect with me after reading this post.

I do have information on Andrew Nelson Smith and Emmeline Ward's children Lura Maud and Earl that I am happy to share.

I am throwing this fishing line in the water in hopes of learning more about my heritage and fill in the gaps on my family tree.

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