Photo Friday: Will now be Treasure Chest Thursday and Photo Challenges

It's time to get out your memorabilia and preserve the memories
It's time to get out your memorabilia and preserve the memories
The year is coming to a close and I'm already thinking ahead to next year. I am thinking about all the artifacts that I have photographed and still need to photograph. I am thinking about the New Year's Resolutions many friends will be making to declutter their homes. So, I thought it was fitting to make some changes and issue some challenges.

My focus on documenting the 'stuff' of myself and my ancestors has been to help convey information to my children and grandchildren about their ancestors more than names and dates. I'm also tired of the 'stuff' being hidden in drawers and antics where no one sees them. It's time to celebrate the stuff that make up the full story of the persons on our family trees. With that in mind, my Photo Friday posts will change to Treasure Chest Thursday starting in January. 

Many of my Treasure Chest Thursday posts will share photography tips I've learned as I have photographed my memorabilia. Some posts will be about the stories behind the objects in my collection. And other posts will invite you to participate in Treasure Chest Thursday through a series of Challenges.

As you accept the challenges for each month, I hope you will be inspired to document and share the stories about the 'stuff' in your personal and family history collections. Additionally, I hope you'll learn more about photography and it will benefit your genealogical research efforts.

To participate in Treasure Chest Thursday Challenges, you would need to post a photo of an artifact that fits the monthly theme. For each post, please share a memory about the item or a historical facts. Additionally, share how you photographed the object and what you learned from the experience. Don't be afraid to share what you did wrong and wish you had done differently. When you've finished your post, click on the challenge page. There will be a widget to share your post and it's associated link. I hope this will make sharing your posts stress free. 

Here's the list of topics for 2013:
  • January - Baby Items
  • February - Shoes
  • March - Fad Items
  • April - Crafts
  • May - High School
  • June - Lapel Pins
  • July - Hats
  • August - Wall Art
  • September - Patches / Insignias
  • October - Sculptures
  • November - Brand Names
  • December - Religious Items
I am excited about the changes to Treasure Chest Thursday. I hope you'll find enjoyment in each challenge and we can all learn and grow together in the knowledge of the mementos of our lives. So get out your camera, a tripod, and your stuff. We have some photography and story telling to do this year. 

Best Wishes for 2013!

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