Heritage Scrapbook: When The Story is Hard to Write

Do you have artifacts for your ancestors about school? Would you like to include it on a scrapbook page. I do and I did. I have a copy of my father's high school graduation certificate. How can I use the certificate when I don't have a story about my father's childhood or schooling? 

Sample heritage scrapbook page
Education Layout for Robert Geiszler

Last week, I mentioned the need for Story Pages in your heritage scrapbook. Education makes an excellent topic for a Story Page.

I have one photograph of my father near his graduation day. I also have a photo of him from his senior year in high school. I looked for a scrapbook template that would accommodate three photographs and use the digitized certificate instead of a photograph.

That was the easy part of this layout. The story was more difficult. I knew my father graduated at the bottom of his high school class. I knew his beloved grandfather was a physics professor at Ohio State University. I knew his other grandfather, who he didn't talk about much, worked for the railroad. My father valued education as the key to prosperity. So, I tied these things together in a journaling block.

I often used phrases like “It is believed” or “the contrast” to include what facts presumably contributed to his view of education. I wanted to help my reader know that this is not fact, it's my opinion based on the facts I had available. You can use similar statements to convey that this is what you infer based on the facts you have, when you don't have stories as proof.

I kept with the color scheme that I selected for my father's album: blues and greens. I chose simple accents of brads and a key (key of education symbolism). The simple, metal accents complete but do not overpower the page. Personally, I feel that pages featuring a man should be really simple.

So if you have a man in your life, school documents and no 'story', you can make a scrapbook page worthy of inclusion in your scrapbook album. And these same principles can apply to other pages you want to correct when a story might be incomplete.

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