Baby Themed Heritage Scrapbook Layouts

This particular layout does not feature an artifact, but it does feature my father as an infant.

My family history collection includes my father’s Baby book. My grandmother Helen Zumstein Geiszler took great care in recording the facts of her only child. The book was so helpful in creating a scrapbook page for inclusion in my father’s heritage album.

I chose this layout because it lines his church nursery roll certificate underneath two photos of him as a young baby. Since this page featured his birth, I also included the old newspaper clipping announcing his birth in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.
Baby Page for Family History Scrapbook
Baby Page for Heritage Scrapbook
For the journaling, I shared information obtained directly from the well-preserved baby book. I added additional comments based on things that are easily obtained on a birth certificate. For instance, my grandparents were living with my grandfather’s parents. So, I can now picture just how many persons are in the home that my father was born into.
I also loved how my grandmother described the infant Robert Geiszler as having dark blue eyes, dark brown hair, golden brows, eyelashes, and a golden tan complexion. I can now imagine the colorized version of the black and white photo I included on this page. Having grandma describe her son is such a treasure, and I included it in the journaling.
Simple elements, strategically placed, adorn this page. One brown element directs your eye to the clear image of the infant who is probably about three months old. I assumed the age because my children were smiling and happy at three months but unable to sit up until about six months of age.

Green ribbon accents direct your eye down the page to the newspaper announcement. The weight of the photos keeps your eyes at the top of the page, so the ribbon pulls your eyes to this little gem.

A second ribbon was placed beside the cradle roll certificate to keep drawing the eye down the page. The third embellishment fell within the rule of threes when placing embellishments on a scrapbook page.

I hope the inclusion of this heritage album page shows how you can use your records to develop journaling. Additionally, you can see how embellishments can complete the layout by adding function and aesthetics to a page.
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Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

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