Roots Tech Streaming Options Confusing, Exciting

I have been anticipating the Roots Tech streaming schedule since January 1st. Surely previous years would serve as precedent and the schedule would be available about a week or two before the event. I first noticed the streaming schedule on Monday of this week with Roots Tech streaming starting on Thursday. I was a bit disappointed in this late release, but we’ll move on.

Some things have come out about the Live Streaming Schedule and I am having many mixed thought lines.

Confused About General Session / Keynotes

First, the streaming schedule available at Something I noticed was that only on Friday would the Keynote speaker presentation be available. On Thursday and Saturday, a General Session would be streamed.

If the FGS Conference site is to be believed, this means that the Thursday General Session speaker has yet to be determined (it’s Feb 11th and the Thursday session starts tomorrow).  That seems odd. However, the RootsTech General Session Speaker page suggests that speakers have been determined and may include Dennis Brimhall of FamilySearch, Mike Mallin of MyHeritage, and Tan Le, of Emotiv. Guess we’ll have to tune in tomorrow to see what’s streamed.

Friday the General Session would include someone discussing a Global Family Reunion, which doesn’t excite me because I’m not into things like this. But for others, that’s cool. Regardless of personal feelings on this, RootsTech will not be streaming this session in favor the Keynote speaker D Joshua Taylor. If Ancestry Insider is to be believed, the Bush Keynote speakers for that day will not be streamed. So… will it just be another session of Mr. Taylor, will it cover the reunion or will the Bushes be streamed?

Saturday… the General Session will be broadcast with no speaker identified on the streaming page. However the FGS Conference page, and the RootsTech General Session page agree that Donny Osmond is involved in this session. Will we see a famous Osmond?

Last year, the streaming schedule was clear about who would lead off each morning. I knew that Stephanie Nielsen would be speaking and I was excited to hear her. There were other great Keynotes, specifically The Legal Genealogist, who I was also looking forward to hearing from. This year, things seem a little unclear and I don’t like that.

Now… for some of you, the question I have is one of semantics. Perhaps it is. However, I like things to be stated clearly across resources to reduce confusion. Which brings me to my next point.

What time does the streaming start? 

Both RootsTech pages state that everything starts at 8:30 am. On a streaming page, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would take the time to say when that 8:30 am is taking place. MST, EST, Pacific time? If I was halfway around the world and wanted to watch, it would be nice to know which time to use as the base to add the correct time zone difference to. Perhaps few people would be bothered by this not being clearly defined. However, I like things to be spelled out so that I do not make an assumption that is wrong. Nevertheless, let’s assume that the times posted are MST because this is being held in Utah and would they really start a conference at 7:30 am (or earlier?). Now that I have a base, I know how many hours to add to the Mountain Standard Time for my location in Texas.

LDS Centric Separate Streaming Option on Saturday

Another thing taking place is the streaming of Family Discovery Day, which is on Saturday. This seems to be a separate streaming featuring LDS centered speakers and topics. Apparently, this streaming will also be archived and made available at at a later date. Family Discovery Day
“live” features many great acts like Studio C, which I adore. Will this be streamed as well? If so, sign me up. Otherwise, I’ll opt for family history practical topics rather than doctrinal topics this Saturday. If the report is true, I can review the doctrinal presentations at a later date.

Content Seems Exciting

I will say that I hope that I can view most of these streamed sessions. I noticed many topics relate to story telling and personal history. Family history really is about the stories of ourselves and our ancestors. There are a few techie and research classes. Honestly, there is a nice variety and I’m wishing the presenters all the best. I truly hope their presentations are what I would expect from their suggested titles.

A Patient Genealogist in Disney World
Making Memories as a Fami-LEE!

Regardless of my confusion of what to expect the first sessions, what time the streaming starts, and whether I should be watching the Discovery Day or learning about “Personal History Triage,” I am looking forward to learning from the comfort of my couch. All I need to do know is figure out what the kiddos will be doing since we’re still not back to a normal home school schedule because we arrived back in Texas from Disney World on Tuesday.

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Roots Tech Streaming Options Confusing, Exciting

  1. You said "First, the streaming schedule available at"
    CLUE:It is

    You said "Both RootsTech pages state that everything starts at 8:30 am. On a streaming page, wouldn't it be nice if someone would take the time to say when that 8:30 am is taking place. MST, EST, Pacific time? "
    CLUE: Check out as it CLEARLY states it starts at 8:30AM MST!

    Might I suggest you indulge in a bit more reading comprehension and a bit less spreading of misinformation.

  2. Andrew.

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to clue me in. What a delightful way to be reminded of the fact that I have a weakness when it comes to editing my own work. Yep. It is indeed .org. The link I shared was to .org but in the reviews prior to posting, I did not see that I typed .com. I have corrected it now. You were so kind to point it out.

    As to your second clue, I looked at the same link you shared and those that I shared as well. At no place on the site does it say MST when the live streaming is not in place. Perhaps it does when the streaming goes live, but when I presented this piece it was a bit confusing. For a conference that is broadcast worldwide, it would be nice to have MST, three little letters, beside the broadcast time and on the streaming schedule page.

    Thank you for your suggestions about my reading comprehension skills. I'll take it into advisement when I'm reading multiple sources and not one states the times are indeed in MST. I believe comprehension isn't the skill I lack, but rather making assumptions.

    Additionally, by stating I was confused, I'm not sharing misinformation. Instead, I'm pointing out that the presentation of ideas is confusing because the key piece to clarify my confusion was excluded. Additionally, one type-o is not misinformation but simply being a human who makes a mistake.

    Again thank you for your help in clarifying the situation. I shall endeavor to stay focused on the excitement of RootsTech.

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