Month: June 2015

Personal History

Heritage Scrapbooking: Bold Accents

On my Book of Me scrapbook, I selected a large color palette to accommodate the wide range of photos that would be found throughout the years. I found an orange and a teal in the color scheme that I thought would compliment the tinged photos from the late 70s of the Astrodome in Houston, Texas. Pro Team Tour: Floral […]

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Family History Consultant
Genealogy 101
LDS Topics

Ask a Family History Consultant, They Can Help You

Did you know that in Family History Centers around the world, family history consultants would be happy to help you get started discovering your family heritage? Unfortunately, I recently heard a discouraging remark. It went something along the lines that family history has become so easy you don’t need a family history consultant to help […]

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Genealogy 201

Finding Cousins With RootsMagic

I have used RootsMagic for many years, and it just keeps getting better. The program is making finding cousins a bit easier for me as well. Many programs are trying to help people who want to find more than their direct lines ancestors (i.e., Puzilla). These are great tools, but RootsMagic takes the cake in […]

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