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In May 1998, country music star Clay Walker released his 16th single entitled "Ordinary People, " but it was the worst performing song he ever had. Despite failing to resonate with a wide audience, the song and its core values have sustained and inspired me through my life and as I work on capturing and preserving my family history.
Read the second verse and this chorus and see if you can understand why:
Then I heard some famous people had an anniversaryFive long years together, it was Hollywood historyNow my grandma and grandpa never made no printed pageBut they took the love of fifty-seven years right to the grave 

'Cause ordinary people have extraordinary loveA million little miracles far beneath the stars aboveThe greatest gift that I could ever wish for you and meIs a life as ordinary as can be. 
- "Ordinary People" Written by Ed Hill and Craig Wiseman, and recorded by Clay Walker on the 1998 Clay Walker Greatest Hits album.

I especially like the line "the greatest gift that I could ever wish for you and me is a life as ordinary as can be." Why? Because my ancestors were ordinary people. Because my husband and I are ordinary people.
To finish reading this post, visit America's Footprints, I express just how some ordinary people have had a great impact on my life. Check it out! (Link to the post)


  1. I absolutely agree Devon. Publish a "story", not just a simplistic tree.

    1. Thanks for the support Tony. That means a lot.


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