Wedding Wednesday: Happy 96 Anniversary Victor Zumstein

Victor and Clementina Zumstein Wedding Photo

Don’t you love a great love story? That’s what Robert Victor Zumstein and Clementina Comfort had. Their stunning wedding photo from the 1920s is a treasure and a snapshot of that love.

They were childhood sweethearts living in rural Ontario, Canada. Victor, as he preferred to be called since Robert was a name passed prolifically down through the Zumstein lines creating great confusion, and Clementina attended a one room school house and lived across the street from each other. Their school house was down the lane and on the same street and their church.

At the time of their wedding, Victor had done many amazing things while Clementina had become a teacher in Lincoln County, Ontario. Victor had graduated from the University of Toronto, served as a German interpreter for the Canadian military during World War I and had earned a Masters in Physics and Math from the State University of Iowa. At the time of their wedding, Victor working towards his doctorate in physics having received a scholarship for his education in Iowa.

At the age of 23, Victor married his childhood sweetheart Clementina Comfort, who at that time was a 25-year-old teacher in the public school in Smithville, Ontario. Her engagement ring was said to have cost $100. (That would be worth about $1,100 today!) They were married under a pear tree at the home of Alonzo Comfort, Clementina’s father.

Their marriage record reflected their teaching occupation and provided their religion as Congregationalist (which is believed to reference the Elcho United Brethren Church down the lane from their childhood homes.) Their witnesses were Edward Clark and F Almina Comfort.

Following their wedding, they left by train at Attercliffe Station for the State University of Iowa. They owned only their clothes and the “Old Colony” silverware she had purchased a few pieces at a time while teaching school.

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

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