Dad Would Have Been 70?

Happy Birthday Robert Paul Geiszler Jr

Have you ever run into someone you know and haven't seen them in awhile and realize they have aged. You know mentally they have aged, as have you, but in your mind you picture them from the past not the present?

Well, this year it hit me full force, my dad would have been 70 today.

70? No way! He didn't die that long ago. And he died when he was 55.

Seriously!?! 70? Let's check the math.

Helen Zumstein and her son  Robert Geiszler
Here's my daddy Robert Geiszler with his mother Helen Zumstein.
He was born in 1946 in Columbus, Ohio.

Robert Geiszler
Young Robert Paul Geiszler

Robert Geiszler in 1950s with Helen Zumstein
Dad and Grandma Helen in the early 1950s.
Helen was so fashion focused throughout her life. 
Robert Geiszler in 1960s with Helen Zumstein and Robert Geiszler
Dad graduated in the early 1960s. The family said it was just barely!
Robert Geiszler in 1970s with Helen Zumstein and Robert Geiszler
On a windy day in the early 1970s, dad finally found his life's calling.
He graduated with an accounting degree from Franklin University.

Me and My Daddy my my 80s era scrapbook!
How I picture dad to this day... circa 2000
Dad died in August 2004 and Mom in December 2012. I keep forgetting that he was 58 when he died but I always remember he passed in Las Vegas after attending the Mrs. United States pageant.

And even though it's been 12 years since his passing, I didn't realize that he would have been so old. Maybe it's good to dye 'young' so people don't ever see you age? But, truth be told I think I would have liked to have had daddy alive today to celebrate with his 8 grandchildren that he would enjoy spoiling so much.


  1. Devon, sorry about your Dad passing so young. You are certainly right that he would have enjoyed spoiling 8 grandchildren and watching them grow up. Thank you for sharing this touching post.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I took my five kiddos and we visited his gravesite. I was surprised they wanted to go but know my daddy was super happy.

  2. I didn't realize hemail would have been 70 today! That's crazy!!! He would have been Uber proud of his grand babies! !!!

    1. Thanks Shelley. I think he would be proud of them too. I also think he'd be visiting our home a ton now that we're back in Houston.

  3. What the heck?! I didn't realize he would have been!!!!

  4. Devon, Sorry about both of your parents passing so young. My mom is the same age as your dad... she turned 70 earlier this year. I am thankful both of my parents are still alive. ((hugs))

    1. Dana, what a blessing for you. Thanks for the hugs.


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