Merry Christmas Daddy

Merry Christmas Daddy

Christmas is a great time to be with family and a perfect time to remember family no longer with us. It is a great time to share family legends and make new memories. It's also a time to flip through the family photos and reminisce.

70 years ago, my father was born to Bob and Helen Geiszler of Columbus, Ohio. A few years ago, I received these photos of my daddy at Christmas time. Though the photos didn't arrive on Christmas Day, I remember thinking, I don't need anything for Christmas this year.

But of course, I still do need things for Christmas. I need answers. Where were these pictures taken? What did daddy received? What other stories do I not know about Christmas as a Geiszler?

Robert Paul Geiszler at Christmas
Kid's excitement for presents is timeless
This photo is not labeled on the back. I recognize my boyhood father from other photos. My guess is that daddy was around four years-old as his hair style is similar to a photo that is identified at that age. I would love to know whose home this family Christmas was taken in. There are legs in those photos. Whose legs are those?  Daddy should have cousins around his age. Are they in the home at this time? Are there other photos in this collection?

Daddy got a toy gun
This photo is of my dad a little older than the previous one. My grandfather used to have a large gun collection and was part of a hunting club in Blacklick, Ohio. Though outing were rare, my father enjoyed going on hunting trips as an adult with his boss Terry. This Christmas picture ties those to memories together.

Does anyone remember this kind of gun? Was it a "a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot" that would poke his eye out (per the Christmas Story movie?)  Or was it another kind of rifle or bb gun?

There are other presents in the process of being unwrapped under the tree and I wonder what they were. One looks like a house of some kind, but I'm not sure. They look like they could be parts of a railroad set. My father adored railroad sets throughout his life. If I'm correct, these photos fit nicely into that narrative as well.

Looking at these photos of my daddy at Christmas time, long before I was a twinkle in his eye, brings joy to my heart.  Every year I'm so difficult to buy for. I truly have everything I need, want, desire, except one thing. More photos, more stories, and more family members on my tree. My genealogy treasures be found under your Christmas tree this year.

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