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JoyFLIPS RootsTech 2017

Are you drowning in photos? Does the thought of scanning grandma's house scare you like a Steven King novel? Would you like to win an iPad while you embark on a simple scanning system? Then you're reading the right post.

JoyFLIPS in a semi-finalist in the RootsTech Innovator Showdown and they want to make your life easier by turning your smartphone into a portable scanner that acts like a video camera. However, unlike a video camera. This app will autofocus, capture, and crop your photos as you flip through the stack one at a time. (Darn, that means I need to stack my disorganized mess of pictures!)

The company touts that the mobile app, only available for iOS at this time, "allows anyone to scan over 500 photos in less than an hour. With autofocus, light level correction, camera jitter detection and instant cropping it creates beautiful digital images in about 3 seconds per photo."

I have scanned thousands of photos with my flatbed scanner, and I'm skeptical of anyone who thinks they can make the process easier. But, I'm also impressed with the camera quality of many newer-than-mine devices. So, I challenged JoyFLIPS with numerous questions based on my digital preservation experiences, and I'm impressed. I'll share a few of my questions and their answers.

Click above to watch the JoyFLIPS demo video.

1. How can we share our photos once in the app?

"The only reason we take photos is to preserve the stories they tell. Sharing photos and socializing around their stories is the biggest JOY of having them. Creating and sharing albums couldn’t be simpler with quick searching and easy drag and drop arranging. Albums of any size can be shared on Facebook, by email or text message."

2. How do we get our photos out of JoyFLIPS to use on FamilySearch or other multimedia projects?

"The app’s Export feature lets you export copies of scanned or uploaded photos directly to your
FamilySearch account as 'Photo Memories.' To export source documents to your FamilySearch account, simply mark them as 'Source Document.' Images selected are then automatically converted to PDF files and uploaded to your 'Source Box' which is available from your FamilySearch web account in your account setting menu.

You can also save your images to your phone’s camera roll."

However, JoyFLIP warns that photos take up a lot of storage space, which is why the photos you scan with their app are stored in their cloud service rather than on your device. So, only download the photos you need for each specific project.

3. How does the service handle the back of pictures? Do the photo numbers increase incrementally so that if I took the front of one photo and the back of the same photo, they have file names that are offset by one?

"Simply tap the 'flip-side' icon after scanning a photo, and then flip it over to scan the back. The back side image is now always associated with the photo, allowing it to be tapped to show the back side. In this way, the original notes, in the author’s own handwriting, are preserved just as they appeared in the original photo."

4. How does a user identify the individuals in the photos and the "who, what, when, where, why" of the image?

"We have developed the first voice tagging system that makes it easy to tag many photos at once and to quickly add specific tags to individual photos. Voice tags are automatically converted to text making them searchable by keywords, dates or places. Tags can of course also be entered as text.

Also, up to 2,000 characters of tags and descriptions are embedded directly in each image file using
industry standard photo metadata encapsulation to assure they are always available."

5. JoyFLIPS offers free unlimited scanning and unlimited online storage. What's the catch?

"There is none. We make our money by offering optional paid services such as printed photo books, professional photo restoration and automated backup to a safe and permanent thumb drive.

JoyFLIPS Photo books and mugs
Create Photo Treasures through JoyFLIPS

Shortly, we will be adding storytelling through conversations with family and friends both
online and over the phone.

Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI), we will also link the content of these conversations to the
wealth of digital information that bring hidden details of each story to life. Time-consuming research will become exciting new discoveries made available instantly to everyone."

6. What do you mean by "time consuming research" will me easier?

"In the future, embedded AI searches numerous sources of additional information from genealogical records, old newspapers, magazines, and even legacy TV broadcasts. Based on these findings, JoyFLIPS pinpoints the exact information relevant to the people, dates, and places that are recorded in tags and stories. This new technology allows anyone to quickly discover a more complete historical dimension of the people in these photos."

JoyFLIPS is also developing answers to more of my technical questions, one of which involves the minimum specs your smartphone should have to receive the most benefit. My smartphone would fall below the minimum, especially since day-to-day photos are sub-standard. As soon as I hear from the tech guys, I'll pass that information on to you.

The key fact that impresses me is simplifying digitizing photos. I shout from the rooftops the need to scan photos before those who know the details of the photos pass away. JoyFLIPS scans the photos and then provides a way to capture the details in text or voice.

I have not tried their service yet, again because my phone is pretty outdated. But, I'd love to hear what your experiences have been. And, if you haven't used their service, now is the time to sign up! If you sign-up between now and the end of RootsTech, even if you don't attend in person, you could win an Apple iPad.

Register for a free JoyFLIPS account to be entered into the RootsTech drawing.

Win one of 4 Apple iPads. 

The short version of the content details are these, "Anyone opening a free JoyFLIPS account on February 8 through 11 will be entered into the daily drawings. All JoyFLIPS accounts created before the event opens will be included in the drawing on February 8.Winners will be each day at the JoyFLIPS booth #1335."

 For more information about JoyFLIPS technology visit or download the free iPhone app from the iTunes store.Any questions about the contest should be directed to JoyFLIPS, Inc. +1 (650) 787-7492 or their

JoyFLIPS Memory Stick
Coming soon, a JoyFLIPS Memory Stick to download your photos.

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