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MyHeritageDNA RootsTech After Party Karaoke

After two days of interviewing, teaching, and networking, Andy and I were t-i-r-e-d but on a massive high. Ten days before RootsTech, I had laryngitis and had barely recovered by Wednesday. Mix in the dry Utah climate, and my throat was parched and strained. I could not drink enough water to hydrate the cords, but I continued to talk and teach I did! Friday evening, I had one more demand for my voice, and I hoped it would cooperate.

MyHeritageDNA invited Andy and me to their After Party. My friend Kerry was hoping Andy and I would willingly sing and perhaps sing first.

Before the pressure of going first occurred, Andy and I had picked out songs at home using our Karaoke song list. I searched for something for my untrained voice that would not aggravate my sensitive vocal chords.

Andy and I made a list of potential songs including country, rock, and 80s pop songs. Since Kerry was forcing us to sing, she had to make the selections. (Just kidding! My hubby and I love singing Karaoke. Just not expect America’s Got Talent level skills.) Kerry preferred the 80s songs. With our song selections finalized before flying to Salt Lake, Andy and I quickly informed the DJ our choices before the playlist grew.

In the meantime, David Allen Lambert made my night by waving us over to his table that he shared with my genealogy buddy “The Shamrock Genealogist” Melaine Macomb. Soon, I realized we had a #genchat table, and the company was excellent!!!

Before the singing started, Andy mentioned that he loved belting out Bon Jovi songs at home. David started singing lyrics! Quickly,  Andy and David selected a New Jersey band favorite and told the DJ. They had the privilege of starting the night with “Wanted- Dead or Alive.”

David Allen Lambert and Andy Lee at RootsTech After Party
David Allen Lambert and Andy Lee prepare to start the night off right!!!

Andy and David had a blast! I tried to headbang to a few songs but soon made a discovery. I’m too old to do that whiplash like headshake. My neck was so sore for days after!

Devon Noel Lee Karaoke at RootsTech
A Sore Throat wasn’t going to stop my fun!

I was next with “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar. Friends complimented me after I sang with, “Wow, you really like that song.” Yes, I do!

To watch David, Devon and Andy sing, click here:

That so happens to have been an opening number song at the Miss Texas USA pageant the year I was competing for the Miss Texas Teen USA title. It played at every pageant preliminary in the Texas USA system afterward for many years. Let’s just say, repetition is the first law of learning and I know this song by heart!  When I hear it, I’m back in my rhinestone gowns and Cinderella shoes hoping someday I would win the title of Miss Texas Teen USA or Miss Texas USA. Ah, nostalgia!

Melanie Macomb – Shamrock Genealogist Takes the Stage

While waiting for Andy’s next turn, I sampled the appetizers and tried to keep the waiter from running off with our half finished drinks. You’ll have to ask David about the time his half-finished paid drink disappearing from the table when he went to sing again. The waiter was just a little too good at his job!

Being the social butterfly that I am, I had to find my genealogy buddies for photo ops. Many friends, like Amie Tennant, I didn’t visit with for long. RootsTech is busy!! Other friends, we’d visited earlier, but I forgot to take photos. It was tonight or never.

The Stunning Amie Tennant a Genealogy Gem!
GenealogyJen at RootsTech
GenealogyJen lived her Genea-Wish to the fullest. I learned she’s superwoman!- this beautiful woman had triplets!


Randy Seaver at RootsTech 2017
Look! Randy Seaver is Glowing!!!

When I heard Andy’s name for his solo, I rushed back to the stage to video his comical performance. Andy sang the Tiffany #1 Hit “I Think We’re Alone Now.” Yep! My macho guy whose anthem is “I’m Still A Guy” (by Brad Paisley) sang this female pop star song! Kerry and her friends filmed it while they sang along with huge smiles on their face! Well done babe!

Unlike last year, we didn’t win any door prizes, probably because we didn’t play any games to earn raffles tickets. However many colleagues went home happy campers with the fabulous prizes.

We enjoyed a performance by I Am Tom Reed and Chad Rader. You can see their video recap below. (Also take note of the “Bet It!” rendition).

Melanie, David, and I took turn dancing whenever a song got us moving and shaking. Some people just might think I’m weird but during the song “We are Family!” performed by the MyHeritage staff, my little hands couldn’t stop signing. You see, I know some American Sign Language. To keep up my skills, I will practice during songs when I run, at church, or whenever I know the words to the song (remember, I’m hearing impaired. I often have no idea what words people are singing.) I know “We are Family” by heart, so my hands just get to work. Melanie thought it was awesome to see the chorus in sign and copied the signs. Thanks for making me feel less weird Melanie! I owe you.

Before the night ended, Andy and I sang “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles as a duet. I love this man, and he truly is my eternal flame.

Kery and Devon at RootsTech MyHeritage After Party
Kerry braided my hair. I wonder if my singing her proud?
She certainly sang-a-long and laughed at Andy’s rendition of Tiffany!


Thanks MyHeritage DNA for the wonderful social event.


Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

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