Guilt Free Multi-Tasking Personal History With Social Media

Social Media for Personal History

Chances are you're still feeling guilty about not keeping a journal or preserving your personal history. But today is the day to stop feeling the ghostly fears of unaccomplished tasks and accomplish something today!

If you have shared your life, your dogs, your food, or your genealogy findings on Faceobok or Twitter, you can turn those digital details into a physical world journal in less than 30 minutes! Oh, yeah. A busy person has time to record their personal history!!!

Fonicle and My Social Book will slurp (pull your posts from your account, with your permission) your Facebook content and prepare a digital book for you to print. Twournal does the same thing, only it uses your Twitter feed! The speed of pulling all of that content is simply amazing! I've tried to do this manually it that takes days of repetitive copy and paste work. Oh, my heck. These services are super efficient!

Once you make a few changes to the book title and cover photo, you can order your printed journal which will arrive in a matter of weeks while you drink your favorite beverage and celebrate how amazing you are. No more guilt. No more stress. Just live, post, slurp, print!

FONICLE - Facebook Chronicle
FONICLE - Facebook Chronicle

Fonicle grabs your status updates, posted photos, and comments about the two and automatically compiles everything into a book. It's quick and painless! What's also great abut Fonicle is you can select the range of posts to pull into your book. You can create a book with posts covering a full year, several years, or parts of a year. I really like that option. Sometimes you might want to break a year up because you traveled a lot or had a particularly heavy posting frenzy. Other years, you can combine into one book because you didn't post as much.

Fonicle Interior Pages
Interior Fonicle Pages

When you have the content you wish, you can then modify the cover and add a dedication. For a reasonable fee, you can then order a soft cover book or a PDF version. I've personally used the PDF option as I'm particular about having customized book covers. However, if I lacked the graphic design skills, I would opt for Fonicle's soft cover service.

Turn Tweets into a Journal with Twournal

Fonicle also has a sister site called Twournal. Guess what it's for? Your Tweets on Twitter! You have the same option as the Facebook Chornicle - Fonicle. Check it out here:

My Social Book is your Facebook in Print
Similar to Fonicle, My Social Book, will also snag your Facebook posts, photos and the comments for both and arrange them into a printed book. My Social Book will allow you to select the date range you want to include in your book. Once the digital magic prepares your proof file, you can then remove any posts that you don't particularly wish to remember in your printed time capsule. The nice thing is you can publish the book in a softcover or hardcover variation. I recommend always opting for hardcovers. They just last longer!

My friend Amie Bowser Tennant wrote a lovely review of My Social Book called Turn Facebook Posts into a Book.

A few years ago, there were more options for social media books. Sadly, they were not as profitable and have died out. However, Fonicle and My Social Book still remain, which is why I would recommend either one for your use!

So, stop feeling guilty over not writing your personal history or diary. Chances are, youv'e written plenty online in Facebook or Twitter. So, why not print that out and pat yourself on the back for being a terrific family historian?


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