Month: June 2017

Title graphic saying DNA proves my genealogy correct
Genetic Genealogy

DNA Proves Me Right!

Recently I took a second genetic genealogy test. I anxiously awaited my AncestryDNA test results following the RootsTech 2017 conference where the kits were on sale for an incredible price.  I frequently checked the status to follow the processing of my DNA with mixed emotions. Would the test have more relative connections than 23andME or […]

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Blog Party

Simplifying Father’s Day

Call me a traitor to mothers and father’s everywhere, but I’m not a fan of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Or more accurately, I’m not a fan of the pressures of these days for grand gestures, gifts, and projects. For those who like those things, have at it. There’s no one way to celebrate the […]

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Meet Devon Noel Lee on NextGen Live!

Howdy readers. I wanted to invite you to watch me on YouTube Live as Eric Wells from The NextGen Genealogy Networks interviews me. We’ll discuss how I became involved in genealogy, my genealogy specialty, and my favorite books. Eric promises to wear something shiny along with me, so be sure to find out what that […]

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Which Names Do You Use on Your Family Tree
Genealogy 101
Online Research

My Ancestor Has Multiple Names. Which Name Do I Use?

Do you ever cringe when someone gets your name wrong? My husband doesn’t because his name is pretty hard to mess up- Andrew and Andy. For me, my mother gave me a name that people rarely say right at first glance- Devon. There’s one way that when pronounced I hear nails scratching down the chalkboard […]

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Cover of fabric family bible with the caption 9 ways I preserve family history
Blog Party

9 Ways I Preserve Family History for My Descendants

Family History is meaningful when we preserve the perishable and share our stories. There will always be time to find a new relative to add to the tree (and often it takes considerable effort to do so), but saving and preserving our family history is my top priority. Here are 9 tasks that I do […]

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Fun with Family History

Friday Funny: Would You Agree to These Wedding Vows

It’s wedding season for the June brides. But let’s go back in time to see if you’d like to have these vows recited: Can you guess what year this small writing appeared in print? The modern bridegroom led the modern bride to the altar. The modern clergyman was waiting for them with his modern wedding […]

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