Month: July 2017

Take the next step in genealogy and critically read your family histories
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Writing Family History

How to Critically Read a Family History

So you think your family history has all been done and you have a family history book on your shelf to prove it. When was the last time you read that family history book? Was it easy to follow and did you understand everything within? My grandmother is an adopted daughter of parents whose ancestral […]

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Writing Family History

Celebrating Lilian’s Writing Success

Have you written a family history? If no, what’s stopping you? Lilian Magill from Sydney, Australia recently finished writing a family history for her family and published it too. I couldn’t be more giddy about her success unless I were a member of her own family. Read how Lilian succeed. During RootsTech, 2017, I attended Andy […]

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Fun with Family History

Friday Funny: Zolas Lessons in Avoid Scams

Apparently, scams and con artists are nothing new but Emile Zola, the French novelist, playwright, journalist,  a major figure in the political liberalization of France, and a Nobel Prize in Literature nominee teaches us how to handle such situations. The agent of the forthcoming county history called upon Zola, the novelist.      “Of course,” he […]

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Online Research

Finally Accessing the Original German Lutheran Records

For decades, I’ve had a record access roadblock. My Zumstein relatives were from Obermiesau, Bavaria as the children were born in this area after 1816 when the Kingdom of Bavaria was established in this area. Family paper group sheets had recorded the descendants of Paul Zumstein and Phoebe Moulter’s birth and christening dates before they migrated […]

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Transfer Essays to a Memoir
Personal History

How High School Essays Became a Family History Treasure

Have you taken the time to record what you or a relative was like? If you think it’s too difficult, then dig through your attics, garages, and files for essays written during high school. You might discover the fodder you need to write a book that becomes a family history treasure. Every family and every […]

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Overcoming Challenges in Family History Trips – Family History for Children Blog Link Up

It’s the middle of summer in the US and family trips are on many minds and itineraries. Touring our ancestral towns is difficult, and not always enjoyable as they kids whine and complain and wish they were at Disneyland. My children didn’t enjoy visiting Ontario, Canada where I learned about my Zumstein and Comfort family […]

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See you July 25-28 in Provo!

Who is ready for a family history conference? I am!!! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who is in the Provo, Utah area for the 49th Annual BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy from July 25-28. There will be over 100 classes, of which I’m teaching three! Some amazing presenters on the schedule that I […]

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Writing Family History

5 Steps to Creating a Cover for Your Self-Published Book

Oh, the pesky front covers. They can make or break your self-published family history book. Thankfully, there is a lot of hand tips for creating a book cover, but I’d like to show you the process. When I released the book, A Recipe for Writing Family History, I also redesigned three book covers. I’ll show […]

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