Month: September 2017

Picture of crystal blue birth with the text "5 Tips for Recording the Stories of Your Treasures"
Memory Keeping

5 Tips for Recording the Stories of Your Keepsakes

Do you have walls and shelves filled with family knick-knacks and keepsakes? Do you have attics and closets with heirlooms preserved with bubble wrap and specialty boxes? It’s time you spend a little time thinking and recording the meaning behind each family treasure before they become clutter and junk. Heirlooms have the power to bind […]

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Blog Party

Help Me Return These Hurricane Harvey Photo Survivors – Lost & Found

As many of you know, I live in Houston (and actually grew up here). Hurricane Harvey beat us to a pulp when he visited the Gulf Coast, but we shall rise again. However, I have need of your help. I have found two photos that I’d like to return to their descendants but I have […]

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Newspaper background with a test overlay that says "Why Should You Add Historical Context To Your Writing?"
Writing Family History

Why Should You Add Historical Context To Your Writing?

Your relatives lead boring lives, right? Do your dead ancestors have nothing worth writing about?If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, I have two words for you. You ancestor’s life sketch or biography instantly becomes more fascinating when you add a little historical context to the mundane facts for […]

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A Few Task To Help Organize Your Genealogy
Busy Lives
Organizing Research

Get Your Genealogy Organized In Short Bursts

Are you tired of being disorganized when it comes to family files and genealogical records? There are a number of tasks that you can do to become more organized any time of the year, instead of always waiting for “spring cleaning.” The best tip is to be clutter. There is no point in organizing outdated, […]

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Running a Booth at the BYU Family History Conference

Andy, Caleb, and I are constantly trying to expand our reach as the Family History Fanatics. We’ve decided to invest in having booths at the conferences we attend. Though I have a degree in marketing and worked conference booths before, it’s something entirely different when you participate as an entrepreneur. The first thing I attempted […]

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Will In-Person Genealogy Conferences Die? – BYU Conference Recap (Part 3)

Are in-person genealogy conferences dying? That’s a question Amy Johnson Crow posted in 2016. After a recent round of complaints following the FGS conference in early September, I reviewed my own thoughts on the topic in light of the BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy I attended in July 2017. My answer is brief: […]

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Meeting Genealogy Buddies in Provo – BYU Conference Recap (Part 2)

Warning: This post might bore you, the reader, as I get a little ‘fan girl’ or ‘groupie.’ I can’t write about my experience at the BYU Conference on Family History and Genealogy and not mention the speakers that I met. The next post in this series focuses on the attendees! My first people highlight was […]

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Genealogy 101
Online Research

Stop Stealing Photos on Ancestry

Are you ever frustrated when there are multiple copies of your relatives on, but they’re variations of what you put online? Frequently on Ancestry, you’ll find a hint which you initially want to be excited about. Many people love photos, so a photo hint is especially exciting, that is until you see what it […]

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