Month: October 2017


Are You Being Stealthy In Learning Your Family History?

Ever wish you could capture genealogical information from your relatives without them knowing, being bored, or frightening them? Be a little more stealthy, without crossing the line of being illegal, and you’ll gather your family heritage and find joy along the way. Have a Plan: It’s easier to obtain information when you have a plan. […]

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New York Photographer to speak at RootsTech

What would you do if you lost your job? Most people would look for a new one, but when Brandon Stanton became unemployed, he decided to pursue a different angle. He began photographing people in New York, and putting them on his Facebook page, “Humans of New York.” Along the way, he began publishing quotes, and […]

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Genetic Genealogy

Join the DNA Recombination Project

Posted by Andy Lee Family History Fanatics is starting the DNA Recombination Project. You can be a part of it. All we need is some basic information. Gedmatch kit number of grandchild Gender of grandchild Gedmatch kit number of grandparent Whether grandparent is paternal or maternal We have set up a simple form that you […]

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Large Black and White Family Picture with caption "How to write about a large family"
Writing Family History

How to Write About a Large Family When Someone Dies

Adding family context at the time on an ancestor’s death makes for adds setting, tension, and mood. But how do write about an ancestor the time an ancestor dies when they have a large family? Add Family Context to the Death of an Ancestor In my popular family history writing workshops based on the book […]

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Blog Party

A Great Family History Gift for Families

It’s beginning to look a lot like _____________. (Nooooo!!!!) Don’t say it. Don’t sing it. Don’t think about it. It’s not close to Christmas time. Yes, it’s the middle of October, but seriously, no one wants to plan ahead for Christmas or any gift-giving holiday at the end of the year. We want to procrastinate […]

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Family is Everything Tweets Olympian Scott Hamilton who will keynote at #RootsTech

As a little girl, I was glued to the television as I watched the performance of a male figure skater wearing a royal blue near unitard with long sleeves embellished with a red v-stripe around his neck and extending along his upper sleeves. He began his long-program with his right arm raised and his left […]

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Genealogy Fun - Travel Back in Time
Blog Party
Brick Walls

Be Careful Where You Walk – “An Outlander” Themed Genealogy Blog Party

While walking down Broad Street in Elizabeth, New Jersey, I stumbled and fell. The pain in my head and the drops of blood down my eye told me I had fallen and blacked out for just a moment. However, when I woke up, things were very different. The cars were gone. The cell phones had […]

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Follow these 3 Tips to Start Writing About You #familyhistory #writingtips
Personal History

3 Tips to Start Writing About You

Family History is not only about dead people. Your story matters as well. Are you recording it? Far too often personal history takes a back seat or is left on the side of the road when people engage in genealogical research. It seems we forget that today we’re alive and tomorrow we’ll be someone’s dead […]

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