Month: January 2018

Personal History
Writing Family History

How to Unlock Your Memories BEFORE We Write

Memoirs can be a treasured part of family history should be included in your preservation efforts. But, does the thought of writing about yourself feel intimidating. Writing glimpses of your life doesn’t have to strain your brain. Pick one small segment of your life and then follow these five tips to pre-writing your tale. Pre-writing […]

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Genealogy 101
Organizing Research

The Most Important Thing To Do In Genealogy This Year

Why is it that we overlook or ignore easy tasks? Is it because those easy tasks are too readily forgotten, despite how important they are? It’s easy to scan through your email inbox and quickly delete the unwanted material. Right? It seems simple enough and is a time-saving decluttering tip repeatedly shared in social media. […]

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Your Age Determines Where You Begin in Genealogy
Genealogy 101

Your Age Determines Your Family History Starting Point

Do you treasure a china set that has been used in your family for years? Did you receive a China Set for your wedding? Or do think China is a country that makes great electronics and the home of Great Wall? Your answers to this question could give you a clue as to how you […]

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Setting Goals

Find A Better Way to Resolve

New Year’s Resolutions are worthless. You’re not going to remember any of them a week now, a month from, or even next year. Why do we both setting worthless ‘goals’? I’m convinced it’s because we’re not spending the time: Reminiscing Reviewing Revisiting We rush through December at breakneck speed and then January slams into us like […]

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