16 Tree Building Classes at #RootsTech 2018

Build Your Family Tree at #RootsTech 2018

One can not research their genealogy without the use of a family tree organizational chart. RootsTech has 11 classes on the main track and six classes on the Getting Started Pass that focus on tree building. Some classes are specific to a website, and others combine tree building with other beginning genealogy tasks. All workshops focus on helping you make connections to your relatives.

Wednesday9:30 AMFamily History in 5 Minutes a Day
Wednesday11:00 AMWhat’s New in Family Tree Maker?
Wednesday1:30 PMManaging Your Tree on Ancestry Made Simple
Thursday11:00 AMPower Tools for Today's Genealogist
Thursday11:00 AMThe Future of FamilySearch: A Look Forward
Thursday3:00 PMFamilySearch and Ancestry: Discover More
Friday11:00 AMFamilySearch Tools for Advanced Users
Friday1:30 PMFamilySearch and Family Tree Maker
Friday3:00 PMFamilySearch Executive Town Hall
Friday3:00 PMRootsMagic: Your Offline Home for Your Online Work
Friday4:30 PMThe Future of FamilySearch: A Look Forward
* Please note class times are subject to change or cancellation. The bolded class is a streamed session.

The FamilySearch Town Hall actually doesn't fit the "Family Tree" category regarding tree building. In the past, senior executives take questions and answers regarding the future of the FamilySearch website. Some topics become LDS-centric. Be advised, just in case that isn't want you're looking for.  The Future of FamilySearch class is usually a highlight of my visit to RootsTech because I love knowing where the site is going and the speaker is very entertaining and knowledgeable.

The class Family History in 5 Minutes a Day will be streamed Wednesday 9:30 AM

 For those who purchased the Getting Started Pass, your class offerings include: 

Wednesday11:00 AMFamilySearch.org - 10 Easy Tasks
Thursday1:30 PMHow to Find &Use Historical Records on the Giant Genealogy Websites
Thursday3:00 PM5 Steps for Successfully Starting in Genealogy
Friday11:00 AM10 easy tasks at familysearch.org
Friday3:00 PMMyHeritage 101: Getting started on MyHeritage

The class Family History in 5 Minutes a Day will be streamed Thursday at 11:00 AM
Guess what!

I'm on the Getting Started Track with my class 5 Steps for Successfully Starting in Genealogy.

Best Beginner Class at #RootsTech 2018

If you're in this class, be say hello afterward and be ready for a lot of fun as we talk about what to do BEFORE we build our tree and then how do we put our trees together. 

To review previous tracks, visit:
If you don't find a class during an hour that appeals to you, be prepared for mini-classes in the Expo Hall to fill the void. Stay tuned, and we'll keep this month of RootsTech madness going!!!

Be prepared to play the GBA.Buzz Scavenger Hunt game in the Expo Hall! For more details, I have a post about the app!! 

Be sure to stop by our booth in the Expo Hall to register for our drawing, purchase one of our books, or just say hello to your fellow Fanatics! Stay tuned to our Meet & Greet schedule including many of your favorite genealogists!

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