Month: September 2018

Planning for Your Genealogy Retirement
Organizing Research

Planning for Genealogy Retirement

It seems hard to believe, but not everyone will be able to do genealogy until they take their last breath. It’s important that we start planning for our genealogy retirement and ask ourselves, what are we going to do with our research when we’re done or no longer able to be involved? The hardest part […]

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Family History Consultant
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If your family history is all done, then become a genealogy volunteer!

Family history is a vast subject that includes digitizing photos, documents, and possessions. It includes writing stories and making videos. It also involves finding new family members. Despite the plethora of tasks someone can do to capture, preserve, climb their family tree, folks will say, “My genealogy is all done.” If that is the case, then please […]

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Writing Family History

Over 30 Words to Describe Your Ancestor’s Physique

Tall, dark and handsome. Is there any other character description more cliche than that, even if it’s true? Your ancestor might have been marked on military draft cards or passports as Stout and Medium for this build and height. What can you do with these descriptions, combined with photos, to describe your ancestors to your […]

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Writing Family History

Over 80 Words to Describe Your Ancestor’s Facial Features

How would you describe someone to another person who has never met them? Sure you can define their character and positive traits. It would be better to describe their facial features so the second person can locate the first person in a crowd. When it comes to describing our ancestors, we need to use words […]

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