Day: November 28, 2018

Genetic Genealogy - What is a 2nd-4th Cousin Match?

What are 2nd-4th Cousin DNA Matches?

You have received your DNA results, and now you are going through your DNA relatives and keep on seeing something like a 1st – 2nd Cousin or 2nd – 4th Cousin. What does this mean in relation to you? We have thousands of cousins, actually, billions of cousins. It is just that most of those […]

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What are IGI Sources on FamilySearch
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What is an IGI source on Family Search?

When working FamilySearch, do you ever come across extracted IGI records and not know what these are or what you should do about them? The IGI sources can cause great confusion for beginning genealogists. The IGI is so well known that it has made an appearance a romance novel where the heroine who happens to […]

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