Win a 4-Day Pass to RootsTech 2020

Win a 4-Day Pass to RootsTech 2020

Would you like to win a 4-Day Pass to RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City? Join the fun on YouTube.

Would you like to help a genealogist earn a pass to RootsTech while you watch the broadcast from home? Stay tuned to read how you can help.


RootsTech 2019 – the world’s largest genealogy and family history event – February 27th – March 2nd, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Andy and I have attended the conference for many years. You can see some of our old posts by clicking here: RootsTech Highlights

What’s included in the 4-Day RootsTech 2020 Pass?

You could win a 4-Day Pass to RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City, Utah, February 6-29, 2020, valued at $299 USD! Click HERE for more information about RootsTech 2020.

The winner will get a chance to attend RootsTech 2019 and access to:

  • Over 300 Classes
  • Keynote / General sessions
  • Expo Hall
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Note: This pass DOES NOT include any paid lunches or paid labs. In addition, the 4-Day Pass DOES NOT include airfare, hotel or the coverage of any other expenses.
  • Special Note: If the winner has already registered for RootsTech 2020, the original registration fee will be refunded.

SUBMIT AN ENTRY to got to RootsTech 2020

  • Step 1: Visit our Community Tab on YouTube. (Click HERE)
  • Step 2: Type the unique name of one of your ancestors in the comments below the RootsTech Giveaway Post.
  • Step 3: Invite friends and family to LIKE (press the thumbs up) for your ancestor’s name (Use this link to direct them there –

All name submissions and community voting will end on November 8th.

The four names with the most likes will have a final run-off on November 11-13th on our community tab.

The final four names with the most votes in the poll will win the pass.

Void where prohibited by law.

How cool will it be that your ancestor’s name (and your family support) can get you a free ticket to RootsTech 2020?

SUPPORT A GENEALOGIST’S desire to attend RootsTech 2020

Help a genealogist (or yourself) get to RootsTech 2020 by doing the following:

  • Visit our Community Tab on YouTube. (Click HERE)
  • Click View Comments under the Giveaway Photo
  • Press the thumbs up button for as many unique names as you like (you must be signed into YouTube).
  • You may only like a name once.
For contest details and a video demonstration, click on this video (it will begin where the announcement is made.
Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

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