• #28DaysGenealogy of YouTube

    28 Days of Genealogy Fun

    Join us for 28 Days of Genealogy Fun on YouTube with your favorite cast of characters and educators from Family History Fanatics. You should laugh and learn and then share all the fun using the hashtag #28DaysGenealogy. Here’s the schedule: The links go live on the day posted. Stay tuned for more links. 28 November – Save Your Sanity: Upload Multi-photo Documents to FamilySearch Without Going Crazy 29 November – Behind the Scenes of Family History Fanatics 30 November – A New Genealogist Thinks All Genealogy is at a Library (Comedy)1 December – Newbie’s Guide to Navigating the FamilySearch Website2 December – Clueless Genealogist Messes Up Family Tree by Thinking…