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Searching for Winfield’s Parents Prior to His Marriage

In genealogy, you want to work your way from what is known to what is unknown. In many cases, you will discover an ancestor is a spouse and had children before you find records for when they are children in their parent’s home. The reason is you’ll need the clues records created during from their […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating a Death Record

Our ancestors have died, and if we’re lucky they have left records of their death. Those records can provide clues for our genealogy questions. One principle in genealogy is that a record is more reliable when it is an original document created at the time of the event by individuals who witnessed said event. Errors can […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating a Find A Grave Profile

Traveling to a cemetery can be prohibitive for many people, which is why sites like Find-A-Grave provide an invaluable service.  However, despite the information you will find on such memorial sites, you need to be careful what you accept as fact and what is simply a clue. Find A Grave Memorial Pages provide many details […]

Multiple Records for the Same Event on FamilySearch!?!

While researching on FamilySearch, do you ever wonder why there are three records for the same event such as birth, marriage, or death records? When you review a source tab on FamilySearch for an ancestor or review results on the search page, you may encounter a number of hints for a vital event. This rarely […]

How to Evaluate FamilySearch Hints

Hinting on FamilySearch may help you find records that document your ancestors without you having to do the hunting. FamilySearch serves up some of what we call the ‘low hanging fruit’ of genealogy records which include: vital records and census records, as well as a few others. I reviewed these records in the post Which […]