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MyTree Tags, Lazarus and more – Genealogy Video RoundUp

This week on YouTube, the following genealogy videos feature the basics of MyTreeTags, how to recreate your ancestor’s DNA using the Lazarus tool, and a fun Man on the Street video. Check it out! Genealogy Videos This week’s round-up of genealogy covers a wide range of topics. Finding female ancestors, using a new tool on […]

Internet Archives, Gedmatch and Gedcom, and more – Genealogy Video Roundup

This week’s genealogy video roundup includes tips for becoming a better genealogist, learning how to use GEDmatch to compare family trees, finding out what’s new on and a few fun videos about the Battle of Iwo Jima and who would be King if George Washington didn’t decline the opportunity to reign.  What it doesn’t […]

DNA Painting and More in the Genealogy Video Round-Up

This week’s genealogy video round-up features an explanation of what DNA painting is and how to use it in your genealogy research. Additional videos include tips on how to best utilize the 1860 US Census and solving a tough genealogy case. Let’s get started. Genealogy Research Videos Becoming a better researcher begins with knowing what […]

Photos, DNA, and Flag History – Genealogy Video Round-Up

In this week’s genealogy and history video roundup, we discover three tips for finding family photos when we didn’t inherit any, discover why small families negatively impact DNA discoveries and why Northern Ireland doesn’t have an official flag. All this and more, check it out. Genealogy Videos Finding photos, getting around a brick wall, recognizing […]

Your Genealogy Video Playlist for 14 June 2019

New genealogy videos this week ask whether your parents are genetically related, discuss the value of genealogy research plans, and more. Genetic Genealogy Videos Additional DNA related videos this week include: AncestryDNA Matches color coding, How to get around the 24 color limit! – DNA Family Trees How to Upload DNA to GEDmatch Genesis and […]