A Journey to Belonging – RootsTech Film Fest Entry

A Journey to Belonging - RootsTech Film Fest

With the theme of “Connect. Belong.,” Devon Noel Lee created a touching entry from the 2019 RootsTech Film Fest and made the semifinal round. To advance to the final round and potentially win a trip to her ancestor’s homeland, she needs your support.

 RootsTech Film Fest - Amateur Category
A Snapshot of the Semifinalists.

There are three categories: Youth, Amateur and Professional. There are 7 youth entries, 61 amateur semifinalists, and 15 professional entrants.

One winner will take home the top prize of a trip for two to their Ancestral Homeland. Other prizes includes computers and drones.

You can vote now for your favorite video. We hope it’s ours.

The inspiration for Devon’s story came from a walk that she took to while in elementary school. She began to feel a sense of belonging as the experience fueled the desire to know more about her family. Little by little, the connections were formed, broken bridges were repaired, and she knew she was a part of something larger than what her eyes could see.

Be prepared to have tissues handy if you’re a sappy sort. It took Devon multiple takes to tell her story without choking up so much.

If you’re inspired, vote. https://www.rootstechfilmfest.org/video/?id=21G0n3YCNiI

If you’re really inspired, share this video with friends, family, church members, genealogy socieities, etc.

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