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Another Way to Write a Marriage Record Reason Statement

Previously, I wrote a reason statement for a marriage index record following my guiding principles of providing enough information to remember why I attached a source on FamilySearch.

I have another example for us to examine. This time it is a marriage record that doesn’t provide a lot of identifying information. I have to share my speculation of why I believe this record to be connected to Samuel Bailey Barton.

Marriage Record of Samuel Barton
“Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-2013,” database with images, FamilySearch ( accessed 20 January 2016), S. B. Barton and Nancy A. Miller, 01 Sep 1885; citing Franklin, Ohio, United States, reference p161; county courthouses, Ohio.

I wrote the following reason statement:

Marriage record for S B Barton and Nancy A Miller in Franklin County, Ohio. S B Barton is believed to be Samuel Bailey Barton. The couple is in Franklin County, Ohio after their marriage and throughout the rest of their lives. The 1900 US Census placed their marriage around 1886. The Sept. 1885 marriage in the location where they lived the remainder of their lives suggest that this is the right record about this couple. 

The record provides name of couple and their marriage date and license date.

Notice how I followed the 5 Dos for reason writing statements as well. I gave as much detail as I could. I mentioned what was found on the record and tied this record to previously discovered research. I also included why there could be conflicts (S B Barton vs Samuel Barton).

Once again, I focus on following the guiding principle for writing reason statements. Provide enough information that I can remember why I attached a record.

If you have something that I’m lacking in this statement, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. If you have a “How Do I Write…” example, feel free to contact me through my email in the sidebar or in the comments below.

Follow this example of how to explain why you attached a marriage record to an ancestor on FamilySearch. #ancestors #genealogy #familysearch

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