Photo Friday: Wish I Could Date This Photo

Trying to Date This Photo

I received a photo album from my father’s cousin with photos that have been hidden for 20+ years. (Read more here) I’m not trying to date the photos in the collection, such as this one.

Family of George Geiszler
I’m certain that this photo is of Robert Paul Geiszler, Sr, George Joseph Geiszler, Evaline T. Peak Geiszler and George Barton Geiszler. What I don’t know is the date.

This photo is new to me. I can quickly identify the older couple as George and Evaline Geiszler of Columbus, Ohio. Therefore, the younger boy would be their son Robert Paul Geiszler (who wasn’t Sr at the time but was after he had his son). The older young man would be their son George Baron Geiszler.

In my photo collection, I have this photo of the same couple and three young people that I have identified as their children.

Photo of George Geiszler's family about 1941.
Photo of George Geiszler’s Family: Evaline, Margaret, George Barton, Robert Paul, and George Joseph Geiszler. This photo has George Barton in his military uniform prior to his service in World War II, which places the photo about 1941.

I can tell from this photo, taken about 1941, that Robert is a few years older (and taller). His parents do not appear to have aged much, nor his brother George.

What clues jump out to you as useful for dating the first photo when compared to the second?

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Wish I Could Date This Photo

  1. I just did a blog post in which I dated some photos by studying the cars. The shape of the car, the model emblem, bumpers, wheel wells, vents, trim, the presence or absence of a feature can help. I’m not an auto afficianado so I just googled random models and years to compare.

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