Strand of DNA with title Are small DNA segments real matches

Are all those small DNA segments actually matches?

Discover how you can correct for the small amounts of shared DNA that appear on your Family Tree DNA reports so you can spend more time climbing the correct genetic family tree.

If you’ve looked at Family Tree DNA data, you’ve seen that some of your matches have some small segments, which are segments that are less than seven centimorgans. How many of these small segments could actually be matches?

There is some debate about the value of small DNA segments.

Some people see them, and they think that we can use segments to help find our genetic relatives; however, a lot of the research on small segments shows that most of the small segments are not real.

Small segments include DNA that may have been passed down from 10 or 20 or 30 generations ago.

Learn why all of your small segment DNA matches might not be actually real realtives. #genealogy #dna #dnamatches
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Small Segments of DNA Don’t Necessarily Help Genealogists

don’t It doesn’t necessarily represent something that, from a genetic genealogy standpoint, you’re going to be able to show from a family tree from other records. It’s not really good a piece of genealogical evidence.

Additionally, the smaller the segments, the more frequent the DNA appears in large populations, particularly in endogamous communities. Yet, it doesn’t even have to be endogenous fir the small segments to be nearly ubiquitous in an ethnically similar society.

Filter Small Segments of DNA Using Family Tree DNA

In this video, I showcase Family Tree DNA and how I exclude or include small segments of DNA in my genetic genealogy research.

How many of those small segments are actual matches? - A Segment of DNA
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