Do You Have Charlemagne DNA?

Are you genetically related to Charlemagne

Have you had a DNA test taken with AncestryDNA, FamilyTreeDNA or 23 and Me? If you haven’t you should! Now. Today! While you’re at it, you should purchase and deliver tests to your oldest living relatives. While the test results come in, it’s important that you understand a little about inheritance. Not the inheritance of property, titles, or money, but of genes.

Andy Lee, my amazing husband, discusses DNA and how it is passed down through generations. The key is that when you reach your 7th generation of ancestors, you have 128 direct ancestors. Of your 5th great grandparents, you are only related genetically to 120 of them. You are related to all of them genealogically. So, you could change out 8 of your 5th great grandparents with anyone else in the world, and you’d still have the same DNA makeup that you have today.

Is your mind blown?

Check out Andy’s video that further explains whether you may have a genetic relationship to Charlemagne flowing through you.

If you want to have Andy answer more Genetic Genealogy questions, leave comments and question below on this blog or in the comment section on our YouTube channel.

Andy Lee

Andy Lee

Author, Engineer, Educator. Andy Lee is the DNA guru of Family History Fanatics. He is also your knowledgeable but casual genealogy researcher.

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