Zumstein Family History: Early Years of Robert Victor Zumstein

Robert Victor Zumstein was born on 26 Dec 1896 in Gainsborough, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada. He was the oldest of four children born to Robert Walter Zumstein and Adeline Snyder. He was born two years after the couple married on the birthday of his grandpa Henry Zumstine.

Carson, Robert and Muriel Zumstein
Carson, Robert, and Muriel Zumstein

His birth certificate is actually a called a “Delayed Statement of Birth”. Victor presented himself and certified his own information on July 19, 1967, in Columbus, Ohio. Incidentally, Robert Victor preferred the name Victor throughout his life.

Delayed Birth Statement for Robert Victor Zumstein
Delayed Birth Statement for
Robert Victor Zumstein

Victor was an excellent student. He started school at the age of four. The teacher boarded at their home and she took it upon herself to start him early.

On August 9, 1907, Victor received a certificate that acknowledges his passing entrance examinations required for admittance into Collegiate Institutes or High Schools in Ontario. The certificate was signed by Mr. Ireland who was Inspector of Public Schools in St. Catherines. He was ten at the time of this certificate.

Victor Zumstein School records
Victor Zumstein School records

In June 1912, Victor completed the Middle School Examination for Entrance into the Normal School. The tests were held in Smithville. The subjects tested were English Composition, English Literature, British and Canadian History, Ancient History, Algebra, Geometry, Physics, and Chemistry. He was awarded a Middle School Normal Entrance standing.

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