Will GEDMatch Phasing Improve You Match Results?

How important is phasing DNA kits when doing genetic genealogy? Well, that depends on if want to quickly process your DNA match results? With GEDmatch’s phasing tools, you can determine your real genetic matches.

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Unlock the power of GEDMatch Phasing

What is Phasing on GEDMatch?

Phasing is dividing your DNA information into paternal and maternal chromosomes. You must have a DNA kit for yourself and at least one parent for the process to work. Your phased kit will help you filter your DNA matches on GEDMatch to determine which DNA segments came from individual grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on.

View a Phased and Unhased DNA Kit

In this video, I show you the difference between a phased DNA kit and an unphased DNA kit.

Genetic Genealogy: How Phasing Improves GEDMatch DNA Match Results
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A phased kit can reduce false matches. Sometimes your DNA matches will share DNA with me. If they don’t share DNA with my parents, then that is a false match. You want to discard those matches from your research list.

Once you have eliminated false matches from your research possibilities, then you can dig deeper. Now you can pinpoint whether your matches align with your mother’s and father’s lines. How cool is that?

Further Information on Phasing

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