Genealogy Video Round-Up ~ 10 May 2019

YouTube genealogy videos

We discovered a few new genealogy YouTube channels. We’ve also corralled your favorite family history channel releases in one post. Grab your favorite treat and enjoy the learning!!!

Genetic Genealogy

Genetic genealogy takes quite a while to understand. Thankfully there are new videos every week to help us on our DNA discovery journey.

Now that the Genesis system is live, let’s learn how to use the new tools. Clustering is a method of looking at how we are related to several matches and how they are related to each other.

Genealogy Research Tips:

Your favorite genealogy channels have released research tip videos, and so has a Florida Library. There’s also a new channel by Martin Roe Eidhammer. Check it out!

Webinar and Seminar Replays


Our miscellaneous round up talks about GEDCOM X, how to create family history videos, and how the medical field uses family history.

The 23-year wait is over: a GEDCOM update is here! Or, maybe it’s been here for a while. Let’s ask Jimmy Zimmerman from FamilySearch to clear things up for us.

That’s a wrap.

YouTube genealogy videos

Devon Noel Lee

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