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As I was posting my photos from various Ohio Cemeteries, I came across this website. It had so much useful information, my head spun. However, I tried to implement many of the tips and strategies into my own photography attempts.

Cemetery & Headstone Photography:
The StonePics Method

If you want to be a prepared and effective gravestone photographer that takes more than ‘snapshots’ of stones, then you should visit this website.

I learned the importance of taking photos ‘in sequence’ but to include additional photos that tell the story of how photos are related. It’s very important to take a photo of the overall where you’re photographing. If you can distinguish a plot, it’s important to take a photo of the plot and then the gravestone in that plot. Then take another ‘wide’ shot photo before taking the next series of photos. If you don’t use the photos anywhere, it’s at least a reference point.

I didn’t do as much detailed writing as this website suggests. Primarily because when I used the tips, I was working with a very small cemetery. I could remember where I was and how things related. Perhaps I have a good memory. In any case, I need have a print out of the names that were supposed to be buried in the cemetery I went to. I would check off when I photographed the stone. I would make notes for dates/information that might need to be adjusted to what was on my print out. And I would add names of stones that were not on my print out.

FYI: I created a print out based on Find-A-Grave’s listings for cemeteries. Another reason I chose a small cemetery because I do not know how to download a spreadsheet for a particular cemetery.  This was all copy and paste work. 

Whenever a stone was hard to read, I did transcribe it onto paper for use later. Thankfully, for the particular cemetery, I was working with, this didn’t happen often.

Again, there is a lot of information on this website. Take what is useful to the project you are working on. And have fun photographing your nearby cemetery.

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