Heritage Scrapbooking: Compared To The Past

Oh the personality that comes to light when a child turns 18 months old! In my case, my energetic personality was shining brightly, as evident by the photos in this two page layout.

Vintage Photos Scrapbooked
Me at 18 Months (left page): The Birds and Bees kit by Just Saskia

See my big, open mouth smile? You can see another version of it, along with my second daughter doing the same thing in my post “Things I Learned About Myself While Scanning.”

Use historical writings on your scrapbook page
Me at 18 Months (left page): The Birds and Bees kit by Just Saskia

I have a variety of photos from that 1970 time period when colored photos were in infancy. The colors are hard to correct and vary from photo to photo, even in the same time period. I paired a soft green background paper with some soft yellow embellishments. With the size of the photos, I can’t help but look at my two favorite photos (the one of me in the curtain and the other on the ‘ugly red couch’).

The right page has a series of photos in mom’s rocker. This rocker went with us through all of our moves in Ohio and throughout Texas. I think when my mother moved in with my brother in the around 2010, the rocker finally found a new home. As a child, I really loved Mom’s rocker. As I grew older, I loved the couches that replaced the ugly red one.

Scrapbooking with old baby album writings
I included mom’s memories of me at a young age. I love how she wrote in ‘my voice’.
I did the same thing for my children’s scrapbooks!

I wanted to share some times when it comes to writing journaling. First, let someone else do the writing. I’ve stated that before, but on this page, I did something a little different. “Modern me” reflected on the stories my mother wrote about “Younger me.”  I added my own commentary that referenced the stories she shared.

… I love the table dancing story my mother shared. Too funny. I’ve liked to be on top of the world, but not too high because I’m afraid of heights! I’ve also been a visual person. See, how mom says I grabbed everything necessary to go… coat, purse, stroller. If I can’t express myself, I will show you want I mean! 

If you have stories that someone else recorded about a younger version of yourself or your ancestor, you could do something similar. Write about how those early impressions of the individual stayed consistent throughout their life, or changed.

This layout falls into the category of family history but was created while I was getting caught up with my personal scrapbooks. I wrote two eBooks on scrapbooking, both have tips to help you scrapbook your history, whether it’s ancestral or personal.

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.


  • Devon Lee

    Dana… that's for letting me know I'm inspiring you. I started writing for my girl friend who wanted to start scrapbooking. She said my recommendation to do little tasks for 15 minutes a time helped her break down the big job in to achievable steps. I hope that helps you. Schedule a time for yourself each week or once a month, whatever fits, and do a small task. You'll get there. I promise. And I'll cheer for you along the way!

  • Dana Leeds

    I know I just need to make the time to scrapbook again, but it is really hard to squeeze that in! But, your posts inspire me. I have photos in old photo albums that are deteriorating day by day and I need to correct that. You are doing a wonderful job!

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