Heritage Scrapbooking: Play Up The Place

For many weeks, I have shared pages from my early childhood scrapbook. My personal heritage album contains many 1970 era photos. In discussing what ‘heritage’ means, I keep thinking it would mean albums with photos from the 1800s and early 1900s. Then I realized, some younger scrapbook creators would include their parents who would have photos from the 1960s and 1970s. Indeed, scrapbooking a child of the 70s is now heritage. Now don’t you feel old?


Howdy From Texas: navy background – from Enjoy the Ride by Sexy and Hot Mama Scrapper, 
red star burst – Wonderboy by K. Lund; red string flower – Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess;
Star Scatter, red string bow, blue frame, and jewel stars – Pride of Country
by Relocated Dixie Girl  (who sadly is no longer online. What a shame!)

Now that I have aged you more than you wish, I want to share how one page in my scrapbook deviated a little bit from the overall color scheme I had chosen. The reason is I really wanted this layout to jump out. My family left the midwest in the late 70s and moved to The Lone Star state, my beloved Texas. As such, I wanted a page that didn’t necessarily compliment the schematics of my photos, but the fact I’m now in my new home state.

Thankfully the van that moved my family of five (mom, dad, brother, self, and dog) over 1,100 miles during the summer was white! This reduced the possibility of any color clashes with the Red, White, and Blue color scheme that is representative of this southern state. I arranged the photos with the story first and then the photos across the bottom. They start as we drove out of the driveway in Ohio and the feature our new apartment in a Houston suburb. The large apartment photo has a caption from my first scrapbook attempt. I was unable to remove the glued on paper, so I let it be. Just another way of making previous mistakes work for me. (Never let the fear of making a mistake keep you from making a scrapbook. You can rework it later, if need be!)

I really love this simple layout that marks a major transition in my young life. Be sure to document the places where you lived. If the place you lived has a ‘traditional’ color scheme, play that up, even if it isn’t exactly the same as your overall album. The variance in the color choices can emphasis your adventures.


Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.


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