International Exhibitors Increase Presence at RootsTech

QingTime Bella Italia UKRINIURKOLEGUIA at RootsTech

With 30,000 attendees, 200+ classes, and labs, and famous keynote speakers, RootsTech 2017 provided an extraordinary opportunity to teach and inspire others to focus on their family, their ancestral family.

One understated increase at the conference was the increase in the number of international vendors in the Expo Hall. There non-United States booths included:

  • Ukraine -- Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs
  • China -- Jiangsu Time Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Ireland -- Irish Family History Centre
  • Finland -- Finland’s Family History Association
  • Italy -- Bella Italia Genealogy di Bovino Alessandro 
  • Italy -- Museo del Cognome
  • French Quebec -- Institut généalogique Drouin
  • Scotland -- Genealogy Tours of Scotland
  • Germany --  Germanic Genealogy Society
  • Germany -- International German Genealogy Partnership
  • Belgium -- Histoires de Familles
  • Europe -- Into the Past

With Ambassador privileges, a lapel mic, and camera, Andy and I decided to spotlight a few of those vendors.

Qingtime Assists With Chinese Genealogy

Xiong Liu of

What I liked about Andy’s interview with Liu was learning just how important the surname is in Chinese genealogy. Once you know your ancestral surname, you have a lot of resources available. However, Chinese lineage is patriarchal, but Qingtime is also looking to research the maternal line as well. There is much excitement in Chinese genealogy, and my Mandarin speaking husband really enjoyed this interview!

Qingtime is a fusion of Eastern and Western humanistic spirit of Silicon Valley Innovation qualities of modern high-tech enterprises. Qingtime combines a software development center with Genealogy Research Center in Changzhou, a DNA research center at the Zhejiang University College of Life Sciences and other scientific research teams. The company partners with the Utah Genealogy Society ( to strengthen the genealogical research and data preservation throughout the world.

Help With Ukrainian Genealogy
Surviving two World Wars and other document destroying history will not keep you from researching ancestors in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Poland! Andy’s interview with Mykola Pavlov, a lawyer with the Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs, was fascinating as he discussed how probate and estate research might still be possible. And maybe, you just might land a large inheritance?

UKRINIURKOLEGUIA is the only Ukrainian office specialized in probate research and handling foreign estate matters. By the way, Mykola’s company also researches in Russia, Belarus, Moldova, and Poland!

Alessandro Bovino of Bella Italia Genealogy

Alessandro was super excited to share his company’s services with Andy. Not only can they help you get started in Italian research, but they can also help you plan research trips to the homeland and apply for dual citizenship. With so many friends in Texas with Italian roots, this service could help them explore Bel Paese or ‘The Boot”. 
Bella Italia Genealogy is an Italy-based research company that knows where the records you need are hiding! Bella Italia can also serve as your tour guide for a personalize trip through your ancestral footsteps! They can help you connect with your long lost cousins and help you apply for dual citizenship while you’re at it! Alessandro helped famous Swedish singer and actress Pernilla Wahlgren find her Italian Roots, and his team can help you too!  (I know, I just used a lot of exclamation marks, but Alessandro’s enthusiasm is contagious!!!!)
If only there were more hours in the day that we could have interviewed the other international exhibitors.  However, RootsTech 2018  will be held February 28-March 3, 2018 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. (For the latest updates on the conference, visit the RootsTech website.)
FamilySearch Discovery Center Green Screen Valentine
Andy and I further celebrated the increase in international exhibitors by standing in front of’s green screen and picking a place in China! The couple that researches together, stays together!
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