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RootsTech Expo Hall Interviews

How have you liked the coverage of RootsTech by all of the Ambassador’s in the blogosphere? If you didn’t attend RootsTech or if you did but didn’t see everything you wanted to, hopefully the Ambassadors have helped you have more depth to your experience.

With 1.5 days to capture interviews, Andy and I hustled and are super excited about what we’ve captured for you. As we chatted with planned interviewees or asked people spontaneously, I became so exciting thinking about you my readers and video viewers. I became excited to shed some light on people doing great things in genealogy or just something fun. Andy and I were putting into practice the many “Rookie Smarts” tips  Liz Wiseman shared in her Wednesday keynote

Here’s the deal. RootsTech was great but it’s not March and many people want to move on to other topics. But there’s still SO MUCH MORE that we have to share. So, I thought I’d give you a little peak into who else we’ve interviewed (in addition to those we’ve already shared) so you can know what’s coming.

We interviewed the following people whose videos will be forth coming on FamilyHistoryFanatics:

  • David Allen Lambert, celebrating his 40th year of being a kid genealogist.  
  • Peter Drinkwater of about “5 Successful Search Strategies for”  
  • Ryan Woods of American Ancestors about record collections (video link here: and 5 Tips  For Using American Ancestors Successfully (Video to be released soon).

Andy and I also interviewed the folks from The Connections Game, Extreme Genes, and TMC Place. You need to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss the interviews!

While interviewing vendors, I had the idea to interview some of my Genealogy Buddies.  Thank you friends. You’re the best! They each answered one question and I’ll compile their answers into a future video. Some of those willing participants include the following:

Lisa Louise Cooke RootsTech 2017
I love Lisa Louise Cooke who shares why she is involved in genealogy

Valerie Elkins Roots Tech 2017
Valerie Elkins will share how she got started in genealogy

Randy Seaver RootsTech 2017
Randy Seaver will tell you who he wants to time travel back in time to meet and chat with

Again, you should subscribe to the YouTube Channel so you know when they go live! You’ll receive a notification or email that says, “Family History Fanatics” has a released a new video. A link will be provided and you can watch and then leave a comment to let me know what you thought about the interview. That would be AWESOME! Those comments and thumbs up counts help me steer the channel towards the content you most enjoy. So, subscribe, comment, and press the thumbs up on the videos you like!

Something really cool happened to my genealogy friend who answered my question. She was blessed with a break through. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Karma!!!

My friend Amy Lenertz, who I’ve loved reading since her RootsTech conference coverage a few years ago, had the wheels of discovery start clacking and moving after she answered the questions, “Who would you travel back in time to meet and what would you ask them?”

Amy Lenertz RootsTech 2017
Who knew answering my question would lead to success!!!

You HAVE to go read her blog post to learn the rest of the story Oh my heck, I got chills and did a happy dance. Yeah Amy!!!!

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