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One of the advantages of blogging about your life or your ancestor’s lives is that you can create one ‘letter’ and then share it will all of your family members, friends, and others. Gone are the days when you wrote one letter and then made copies to send to everyone and hope they didn’t feel slighted that you didn’t write a different letter. (Okay, am I the only one who did this in the past?)

In short, blogging has made life staring more efficient. The other advantage of blogging is that you can share your life and then great a journal/diary/personal history at the same time. Man, I love time-saving hacks. Don’t you?

In the previous post about Journaling Apps, I shared some on-the-go diaries that make the daily writing task easier. If journaling doesn’t appeal to you. If you already, “live out loud” or if you have years of blog posts online, then you need to take the time to print out the blog posts.

You could print the blog posts by topic. Let’s say you have posts tagged for each of your children. Then you could select only those posts and create a book. If you have blog entries about vacations. You could limit your book’s content to the travel adventures. If your blog post is genealogically minded, you can limit your posts to a surname or particular ancestor.

The key is to make the blog posts become a book. And it’s relatively easy with the services listed below.

Blog2Print Books


This year I selected Blog2Print to quickly snag all of the posts from my children’s homeschool blog and my personal blog. I wanted a printed copy of this entries, and then I was going to delete the online version of the blogs. I was spread just a little too thin in my memory keeping and sharing.

Your Blogs Turned Into Books!

I loved that the final product had a hardcover option. I didn’t like the limited cover choices. As shown above, both covers are just too similar. The back cover photo would not have been one I selected and changing it was not particularly easy.

The Family Blog was started before the kid’s blog. Thus, it has more pages!

There wasn’t a cover that really exemplified my family, so I just picked one and said, “Ease of use. Ease of use. That’s what I’m paying for!”

Back cover photo was not customizable. So Sad. Barcode as appears on back cover.

The quirk in the order process was the name of the company on my credit statement. It is XanEdu. That looks nothing like Blog2Print. I wish companies wouldn’t bill you under a different name than the branding of the site. I almost called in a fraud claim to my credit card company. So, buyer be aware.

The quality of the book is on par with other books that I have printed. So I was pleased with the books and they’re now hanging out on my shelves.

In short, the stress-free process and book quality were equal to the price of Blog2Print. If you like customization, you need to use a different service.

You Might Like BlookUp

There are other companies that you should investigate for turning your blog journal into a book:

  • BlookUp (New to me service. Still investigating)

  If you want to read how I journal offline and create a blog book, visit my post: Personal History Through Blog Books.

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee

Devon Noel Lee is passionate about capturing and preserving family stories so no one alive today has to be researched, or forgotten, tomorrow. She has authored 6 how-to books, a memoir, two published family history biographies, and over 60 family scrapbooks. She's an enthusiastic speaker who energizes, encourages, and educates at the same time.

4 thoughts on “Journaling With Blog Books

  1. I wanted to create a home school blog but I couldn't get the topics online. Way to go Dana for accomplishing the task. (BTW… I feel even more connected to you now.) Glad I could trigger you to print out that book.

  2. I didn't hit the limit with my first two blog books. They were over 100 pages. If you need to divide up your posts, you have the option of select tags or date ranges. Break the book at a logical break (such as Dec 31 of a particular year if the stories don't run over into January.) Those are my suggestions.

    Some services do allow you to download a PDF copy. Most often you have to pay for the hard cover before. Since the companies will keep changing their services, I recommend you contact their support team and ask how to get a PDF version.

  3. I kept a homeschooling blog for years and need to create a book out of it. Thanks for the reminder! (And, I still homeschool, just haven't been blogging about it.)

  4. Hi Devon, I know there is a limit to the number of images included in one book. How did you know where to divide up the posts? Also, is there an option to only create a file, such as a PDF without actually having the book printed out?

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